Boozie is a little disappointed in y’all. While Labor Day along the Gulf Coast was still filled with fun and frivolity, it was a little tamer than in previous years. Hopefully this isn’t the forecast for the rest of football season or I am in big trouble. Thankfully there were a few people who wanted to enjoy the last weekend of summer activities beachside and misbehaved for me and the spies, and we gathered as much as we could into our little gossip sand pails. So go ahead and dump it out and make your last gossip sandcastle of the season. Get to building!

More stars falling on Alabama
Haley Joel Osment, Freddie Highmore and Christopher Meloni wrapped up filming “Holding Patterns” in the Port City last week, but we have yet another movie filming in town now, “Here Comes Rusty.” According to, it follows “a reluctant dog track owner (who) tries to outrun his problems with the bet of a lifetime.”

It stars, of all people, musician Col. Bruce Hampton, who is no stranger to the Port City, as well as Joey Lauren Adams (“Dazed and Confused” and “Chasing Amy”) and one of Boozie’s all-time faves Fred Willard of Christopher Guest’s mock-umentary “Best in Show,” among a million other roles. We also hear 92 ZEW DJ Pablo may be making an appearance as well.

A couple of Sundays ago, the Col., along with Nikki Glaspie, George Porter Jr. and Brandon Niederauer, performed at Mobile Greyhound Park under the name Dicky and the Dinosaurs, presumably for a scene in the movie.

Willard has been spotted at Veet’s, Wintzell’s and The Royal Scam. We hear he is a fan of drinking Fat Tire and Bombay Sapphire and tonic simultaneously.

Adams has also been spotted at The Royal Scam and we hear she likes her libations in the form of Stoli, club soda and grapefruit. Sounds refreshing!

So long and hello
Boozie never likes to report a local watering hole closing, I like to tell y’all about them opening and this week I have to do both.

Unfortunately Studio 5’4” in downtown Mobile closed it doors last week. Studio 5’4” was usually filled with a younger crowd, including the University of Alabama’s former quarterback, AJ McCarron, who would frequently visit the establishment when he was in town. McCarron now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. Where oh where will AJ get his groove on now?

Studio 5’4” was nominated for a Nappie for best place to shake your booty, and the ol’ Boozester really hates to see it go because there aren’t many places here where you can do that. Additionally 5’4” was notorious for letting girls dance on the bar for all to enjoy, as well as a place many late night memories were made with friends over the years.

So long Studio 5’4”. We will miss you.

But Mama always said when one door closes, another one opens, and that seems to be the case. As Studio 5’4” bid us farewell, a new establishment opened its doors. The Merry Widow on S. Conception St., has offered a little teaser of its upcoming events and the lineup looks pretty impressive so far, with performances by the Pine Hill Haints, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Yonatan Gat of Monotonix, Brooks Wheelan, Matty Ryan and James McMurtry all planned for the fall. Great to see another live music venue in town! And great name too! You can find out more info at

Labor of love
Ahh, Labor Day, Boozie’s last chance to really get the grittiest of sandy beach gossip.

My spies on Dauphin Island said the crowd looked a little smaller than usual but there were still some shenanigans duly noted by said spies.

It seems one lovely DI couple decided to put on a little show for the rest of the guests at the small condo complex where they were staying. Around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night, my spy said he looked out the window and noticed a couple “getting it on” in the complex’s shared pool. Since it was a bit of a quieter weekend, perhaps the couple thought they had the place to themselves or at least they acted like it, my spy said.

When he happened to look back outside at midnight, they were still going at it. My spy was impressed with their longevity, as he described the man portion of the couple as an “older gentleman.” I guess those new Viagra commercials are working! But next time, take your lady friend to your room, grandpa!

Dauphin Island might not have been as busy, but Boozie hears Flora-Bama didn’t miss a beat. As usual the beachside bar was packed to the gills every night of the holiday weekend, and I’m sure it probably had absolutely nothing to do with the Miss Flora Bama bikini contest, which featured 10 babes with hot bods in bikinis and stilettos. Nothing surprising there, except Boozie wonders how those heels makes it through the sand. Ouch!

One of Boozie’s spies did, however, report some very shocking — and maybe even tragic — news. On Saturday night the Flora-Bama only had the University of Alabama vs. Wisconsin football game on ONE TV! Gasp! You read that right, ONE! Boozie knows they are technically in Florida but still, one TV in a bar of that size with BAMA in the name. It’s like they wanted you to watch their bands instead of the game! Oh the humanity! At least their sister bar Flora-Bama Yacht Club knew how to cater to the masses and had the game on every TV in the place, and order was once again restored to the universe.

Boozie was also told that one guy had enough and decided to take a little rest on the Flora-Bama upstairs bar. My spies reported he had a red shirt on, but they didn’t know if it was an Alabama or a Wisconsin shirt. If Boozie had to guess, she would say Wisconsin and he didn’t handle the loss very well. He reportedly had his head down on the bar after throwing back some shots. Perhaps he was trying to forget his team’s poor start to the season.

As expected, Waffle House across the street from the Flora-Bama was jam-packed with late nighters with the munchies. Boozie hears the line to get in was out the door! If this gossip thing doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll apply there. I love things that are scattered, smothered and especially covered!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Labor Day pool lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!