Lunch ladies work really hard each day
Preparing the food you see on you tray.
Can you guess the number of lunches we make?
Between four and five hundred give or take.
That’s 500 servings of beans and Crispitos,
500 single serve bags of Doritos,
500 slices of pizza with peas,
500 apples or peaches, oh please!
500 napkins and forks and trays,
500 names the cashiers have to say.
We get really tired but we always keep going.
We have to make sure the lunch line keeps flowing.
So give us a smile or a kind word or two.
Cuz believe it or not, we’re people too.
We’re moms and grandmas, sisters and aunts:
Just think about that if you get a chance.
It makes us sad when you look at our food,
And say “Ew” or “Yuck,” or are just in a mood.
We try our best to make lunchtime worthwhile.
We cook and prepare and we serve with a smile.
After you leave we stay longer to clean.
We wipe and we mop and we make the place gleam.
Our point is not very complicated,
We’d just like to know we’re appreciated.

Written by Lorraine Redlich, local lunch lady
Submitted by Cyndi Ohandor