I’ve been trying to find a way to stop the delivery of the blue-bagged newspaper tossed in our driveway each week and came across this article you wrote back in April 2015 (Damn the Torpedoes, “Time to stop the newspaper thugs”).

Please tell me there is a contact person, or some way to stop the delivery of this unwanted paper? I’ve tried off and on for over a year … no matter who I call it doesn’t seem to be the correct department and the people at the Mobile Press-Register don’t seem to know which paper I’m talking about.

These papers are litter, plain and simple. We live in the county, but are still inside the Mobile police jurisdiction. Frequently the papers are thrown in driveways of vacant homes, where they’re allowed to accumulate. Over time they become a soggy, blue-bagged mess of trash. What ever happened to “Keep Mobile Beautiful?” What can we do to stop the delivery of this blue-bagged trash we never asked for?

Sharon Reeves