Dear Editor,

A few years back we Mobilians were told by our City Council that if we don’t start paying some of the highest sales taxes in the nation, we would experience utter disaster.

Now we’re paying those exorbitant tax rates and the WAVE Transit system plans to eliminate service to Chickasaw, Prichard and Tillman’s Corner. For the Mobile area’s most vulnerable citizens, this is utter disaster.

I used to ride the bus from Chickasaw to Tillman’s Corner. One fellow I regularly rode with is totally blind, so even a bicycle isn’t an option for him. He works at a Tillman’s Corner retail outlet, so cab fare would eat up every penny he makes.

The worst part is that the rug has been pulled out from under the poor and disabled from one end of the metropolitan area to the other in order to shower goodies on Councilman C.J. Small’s district.

It’s time to clean house at City Hall, and vote out the council members who voted both to hike taxes and eliminate basic necessities (while fully funding luxuries like GulfQuest and the ice skating rink).

Delbert Burroughs,