A man who opened fire on a public transit bus Tuesday was ultimately arrested after a lengthy standoff with Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputies in the Perdido area.

According to police, a call came around noon on Aug. 22 in relation to a man firing two shots at an occupied bus operated by the Baldwin Rural Area Transportation System (BRATS) as a passenger was attempting to exit the vehicle.

While no one was injured by the gunshots, deputies arrived to find the gunman had retreated into his home on Dyaz Court, where he refused to answer phone calls from the responding officers. At least one other person was reportedly inside the residence at the time.

James Feola, 74, was arrested after opening fire on a public transit bus in Baldwin County Aug. 22. (Baldwin Jail View)

While still on the scene, police were able to identify the gunman as 74-year-old James Feola, who allegedly recently threatened workers at a local Department of Human Resources office, reportedly saying he would “shoot the place up if he didn’t receive his food stamps.”

The Baldwin County SWAT Team responded along with negotiators from the sheriff’s office, and after calling for Feola to surrender via a loudspeaker, he was apprehended as he tried to escape from the rear of his residence.

Feola was arrested and charged with two counts of reckless endangerment Tuesday around 8 p.m. and has since been denied bond as he waits for a parole hearing at the Baldwin County Corrections Center in Bay Minette.