An Irvington man accused of sexually molesting a horse on several occasions was caught by the horse’s owner and held at gunpoint until police apprehended him last week.

According to a report filed with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Daniel Bennett was discovered in a horse barn owned by Francine Janes Jan. 4. Janes said it was her dogs that alerted her and her husband to something in the barn that Thursday evening.

The report indicates Janes and her husband held Bennett at gunpoint until MCSO deputies could arrive on the scene. According to police, Bennett admitted to owning a trench coat and burglar’s tools that were found in the barn and later to molesting the horse, whose name is Polly.

Daniel Bennett, 18 of Irvington, was arrested after he was allegedly caught sexually molesting a horse. (Mobile Metro Jail)

Janes told the responding officer she believed one of her mares had been molested the night before, which Bennett later confirmed during a subsequent interview with investigators.

Speaking to WPMI’s Andrea Ramey, Janes said she didn’t believe these were isolated incidents either, saying she’d seen evidence that the horse’s stall had been disturbed “seven maybe 10 times” throughout the month of December.

Bennett was booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail shortly before midnight on Jan 4. He faces charges of sexual misconduct, criminal trespassing and being in possession of burglar’s tools. Jail records indicate this is Bennett’s first arrest in Mobile County.