Police say a would-be burglar attempted to break into a home in Irvington with a taser and a larger rubber sex toy but his plans were thwarted by the homeowner.

According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a burglary report Monday in the 9000 block of Matlock Road in Irvington. The homeowner told police an unknown man had attempted to come in through the kitchen window but left after he was yelled at.

As deputies canvassed the area, they heard from multiple neighbors who said a similar suspect had either knocked on their door or been spotted trespassing on several properties. While searching the area, a man matching the suspect’s description was spotted on a bicycle.

Daniel James Bennett, 19, was charged with attempted burglary in connection to what police described as a botched break-in on Feb. 4, 2019.

Police detained and arrested 19-year-old Daniel James Bennett in connection to the reported burglary. While Bennett was being detained, deputies said they found “a taser, a pair of hair styling scissors, a pack of razor blades and a large rubber sex toy with a tube attached to it.”

A MCSO spokesperson declined to include a photograph of the items.

Bennett was charged with attempted burglary and transported to the Mobile County Metro Jail.


While records there indicate it was Bennett’s first arrest locally, the 19-year-old was actually part of a widely reported arrest in 2018 after he was accused of sexually molesting a horse.

It’s currently unclear what became of that sexual misconduct charge as there is no record of in the state’s online judicial filing system, Alacourt. Eighteen at the time, Bennett would have been eligible for youthful offender status, which would explain the lack of court records. That has yet to be confirmed, though.