A man who pointed a gun at one of Port City’s most famous police officers will face charges of attempted murder, according to Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich.

According to Rich, a grand jury convened last month returned an indictment against Jonathan Paul Miller stemming from an incident involving Mobile Police officer Jeremy March.

Mobilans might recognize March as the “Dancing Cop” who regularly dazzles the revelers on Royal Street during Mobile’s Mardi Gras season. Viral videos of March’s performances have won him fans elsewhere, too.

However, on April 5, March was handling some more serious police work when he stopped at the corner of a residential subdivision on Three Notch Road to assist what he thought was a “citizen in need.”

John Paul Miller

Upon further inspection, March quickly discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen along with a gun believed to be inside. As he approached the vehicle, Miller pointed a gun directly at him, though he did not open fire. It took three MPD officers to restrain and arrest Miller.

He nor any of the responding officers were seriously injured during the scuffle, and now Miller is facing charges for theft of property, resisting arrest, menacing and reckless endangerment in addition to attempted murder for pointing a weapon at an officer.

In a statement announcing the indictment, Rich said her office would prosecute anyone who threatens or harms officers to the fullest extent of the law.

She also encouraged residents to take steps to prevent their firearms from being stolen or improperly accessed — something MPD Chief Lawrence Battiste has also been pleading for in the wake of continued gun thefts, many of which have been committed by teenagers.

“The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office would like to emphasize our commitment to law enforcement and our strong stand against those who would bring harm to ANY law enforcement Officer,” Rich wrote. “We would also like to urge the public to assist law enforcement by keeping your firearms in your homes or in your vehicles secure.”