Levon Manzie was the overwhelming favorite in the municipal elections on Aug. 27, but just managed to edge out opponent Greg Vaughan in the Oct. 8 runoff.

Manzie clinched the victory against Vaughan by securing 54 percent of the votes. The new councilman received 1,900 votes to Vaughan’s 1,601 The tally is still unofficial. 

“(When I realized I won), I was ecstatic,” said Manzie, who will give up his seat as a Mobile County School Board member. “The past few months have been trying. The runoff  has been contentious at times, but to win the majority of the votes feels so good.

“I’m looking forward to serving District 2.”

As the first numbers of the night rolled in, it looked good for Vaughan. The Via Senior Center once again overwhelmingly supported the lawyer. Vaughan garnered 805 votes to Manzie’s 109. This was the best showing of either candidate in any precinct. 

Vaughan, however, only managed to take one other precinct — Spring Hill Avenue Community Center. He received 206 votes to Manzie’s 119.

The rest of the precincts went to Manzie. 

At Thomas Sullivan Community Center, 437 of the 444 total votes went to Manzie, which means Vaughan only received 9 votes at the precinct. 

Vaughan received only 9 votes at Bishop State Community College and Manzie took 161. 

At the Plateau Community Center, 178 votes were cast and Manzie took 166, while Vaughan had 12. 

At St. John’s Episcopal Church, Manzie had a commanding 419 votes to Vaughan’s 161.

The Mobile Convention Center was close between the two candidates with Manzie taking 440 votes and Vaughan getting 372. 

Vaughan’s camp knew quickly they had not beaten Manzie, but Vaughan was shaking hands and thanking everyone who came in wearing a sticker or button bearing his name.

“I am very thankful for everybody who helped us, my family who came in from Orlando and Jacksonville and my wife,” he said. “A lot of old friends helped me out in this campaign, and I made a lot of new friends. 

“I think we had a good message, which resonated with the voters, and it’s something I believe that our new City Councilman Rev. Manzie should embrace. I look forward to being his constituent and supporting him.”

Manzie will step into his new role at the beginning of November, but he already knows his first task.

“I am going to reach out to the communities where I did not perform well tonight and let them know I’m going to represent them the same as each part of District 2,” he said. “The next thing I’m going to do is to get to know the councilors and new mayor.”

Manzie, who is on the MCPSS School Board, said he already knows several councilors through his other political position. 

The new councilman was also very appreciative to the volunteers who went door-to-door and called on behalf of his campaign. 

“I’m thankful to the people who helped,” he said. “Now it’s time to move forward.”