Y’all, it’s here, it’s here! Mardi Gras parades are officially here in the Port City! I can already hear the sounds of the barricades scraping the pavement, people pushing carts full of the knickknacks children beg for, police sirens, bands drumming and parade goers yelling “beads!” I have already had some King Cake and love finding the single pieces at the store. The countdown to moonpies and peanuts are on! Maybe I’ll even score some ramen noodles or yellow rice again this year.

Alright, enough about what is to come, let’s talk about what has happened, weather-, Mardi Gras- and cheese-wise!

Baby, it’s cold outside
First up, the weather. Y’all, what the heck is happening around here? We have had two “snow” days in one “winter” season! I’m no expert but I can’t recall a time that happened.

As y’all already know, roads and schools were closed, and work was canceled or delayed for some. The Mobile County Public Schools’ Facebook page had an announcement about schools being closed again on Thursday due to cold temperatures and the possibility of ice on the roads. In the comments, someone said “Good cause I wasn’t finto to catch new moan ya,” which quickly went viral, so to speak. No word if pneumonia was contracted. Let’s hope not!

Then meanwhile over in Gulf Shores, we were having a problem as well: thousands and thousands of mullet all died from the extended cold snap! All the fish were floating on top of the water! It was like a sign of the apocalypse. What are we going to do about Mullet Toss and my friends’ delicious smoked mullet dip?! Hopefully some survived.

So after our two days of ice we had the most beautiful Sunday ever! The warm, sunny weather had everyone out and about. Downtown was slammed with people eating outside, walking around and biking. I hope y’all weren’t too hungover to enjoy that perfect day!

Dancing the night away
Friday night, Fort Whiting was taken over by the ladies of Nereides! My spy in attendance said there was a good-sized crowd and with a theme having to do with solid gold — everyone’s night was gilded. She mentioned that some of the ball attendees were older than her but that didn’t stop everyone from cutting loose. Hello, mom’s night out!

Once again the main road on Dauphin Island was taken over with revelers for the Dauphin Island People’s Parade this past Saturday! Since this past Saturday’s weather was better than the Saturday before, the crowds were out in full force, ready to catch throws. And they did just that. My spy said people racked up on beads, stuffed animals and moonpies! One spy caught a teddy bear that had a band-aid on it (a real one). Ewww!!!

Local celebrities such as Kelly Finley and Dalton Orwig of FM Talk 106.5 were spotted in the parade, as well Bob Grip of Fox 10, who many wished a happy retirement (scheduled for this time next year). And of course, since this a people’s parade, Chief Slac was present as well! I think it’s safe to say Dauphin Island got us in the Mardi Gras spirit!

While the partying was happening at Dauphin Island, back in Mobile people were gearing up for more balls! La Luna Servante were rocking the Civic Center with their “Fire and Ice” theme. My spy said she spotted some interesting dresses; one had some major cutouts that made my spy wonder how the woman even got the thing on. Oh, Mardi Gras fashion, I love you so!

Meanwhile, around the corner at the Mobile Carnival Museum, Jonesy Jones was putting on quite the show for girls of Spinsters. Boozie is told the theme was ‘70s and everyone was moving and grooving! Jonesy even had one guy doing a crablike dance on the floor! Needless to say things got wild with this younger crowd!

Not too cheesy
Ahh, the long-awaited opening of The Cheese Cottage has finally come! Last Friday, the new business at St. Louis between Washington and Dearborn had its official grand opening and Boozie had a spy there!

Y’all may remember me talking about The Cheese Cottage back at the Grilled Cheese Cook-Off and Reese’s Senior Bowl Girls of Fall events. Well anyways, they have some tasty cheeses and this basic girl loves that we have a new cheese shop in town. Hello, wine and cheese!

More about the opening and less drooling. The Cottage’s patio was rocking with the “bargrass” sounds of Andy MacDonald and John McCook. People enjoyed the music and their own spirits — the Cottage ran into a delay getting its liquor license — but more importantly got to sample some fabulous cheeses.

My spy said she spotted Mayor Sandy Stimpson buying a hunk of brie cheese to take to a hunting camp. Interesting choice of cheese, Mr. Mayor. I’m going to assume it was a mainly brie! I personally think of brie with fruits or salads, just saying that wouldn’t have been my first pick for a hunting weekend!

Boozie is excited, though, because The Cheese Cottage is just a few blocks from Lagniappe’s new headquarters. With an estimated 800 people coming through for the grand opening, I’d say they’re already a hit. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just plain ol’ Boom Boom lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!