What a weekend! The weather was beautiful, Mardi Gras is in full swing, the spies were out in full force and Boozie caught a little break before the craziness to come. I say little break, because I still did stuff this weekend, it was just tamer then some of y’all’s weekends. Like, the most exciting thing that happened to me was when a tablecloth caught on fire at the party I attended. I guess you could say that party was “lit.”

Luckily the spies were busy at work gathering all the latest gossip. So grab your king cake and indulge in this week’s sweet gossip.

Monkey see, monkey do
Believe it or not, Boozie has a few well-rounded spies and one of them happened to visit the grand opening of Eugene’s Monkey Bar & Grill in the new Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Mobile. A standing-room-only crowd was present for the Readers’ Theater production of Eugene of Walter’s “The Byzantine Riddle.”

For those who do not remember, or worse, don’t know Walter, he was Mobile’s own renaissance man and master raconteur. Lagniappe’s monkey mascot was inspired by Walter, who wrote, “Down in Mobile they’re all crazy, because the Gulf Coast is the kingdom of monkeys, the land of clowns, ghosts and musicians, and Mobile is sweet lunacy’s county seat.”

The cast consisted of Tom Mason of Tom Mason Communications; Carolyn Haines, a novelist, journalist and Harper Lee Award winner; Sue Walker, professor emerita at the University of South Alabama and Poet Laureate of Alabama from 2003-2012; and Nancy Anlage, special events coordinator with the Mobile Public Library. The program was sponsored by the public library in partnership with the Southern Literary Trail.

Despite the massive turnout, the hardworking staff kept the drinks flowing and the food coming. The Monkey Bar should be quite a popular spot during Carnival season as it sits directly on the parade route. Not to mention, Boozie hears they have great drinks and brunch. I’m sucker for good brunch!

With a revolver in the ballroom
Well, maybe not with a revolver, but definitely in the ballroom! Are you picking up my clues?

Friday night was the Nereides ball at Fort Whiting and the theme was Clue, the board game. (That was one of my favorites growing up, and I still like to figure who did what and where!) Anyway, my spy said the ball was crowded and a lot of fun. So much fun that one guy decided he need, umm, a nap. Once this fellow found a resting place his date joined him and petted him, making sure he was OK. Some people just can’t hang. He better get ready because the party has just begun!

Just like a circus
After Friday night, Fort Whiting truly went wild with the Krewe of Phoenix under the big top Saturday night! Not knocking the ladies of Nereides but Krewe of Phoenix knows how to throw one crazy party.

With the theme “A Night Under the Big Top” anything goes! My spy said all the costumes were amazing and they thought of everything! They had an acrobat, a lady on stilts, gypsies, a ringleader with a lion (a person dressed as a lion, not a real one), monkeys, clowns and more!

Boozie’s spy reported the ball was a blast and one of his favorites to attend. And like I said, anything goes. My spy said he couldn’t get over the lady who wore a more tailored tux and pointed-toe heels. He said she looked killer and pulled off the look better than most guys.

Spider sense
While some spies were ballin’ others were paradin’. Besides summertime, this is the time to hit up your friends who have houses at Dauphin Island. Nothing is better than heading down to the island for a Mardi Gras house party before and after the parade. But for those of us that aren’t so lucky as to have friends with a house, you’ve got to make a day of it. This past Saturday was the perfect day to set up a tailgate and wait for the parade, on island time.

Boozie’s spy said the island was packed with paradegoers of all sorts, and one of those parade goers even happened to have eight legs! Yep, you guessed it, a spider! Whatever you are thinking, stop thinking because it is probably wrong. My spy had the pleasure of being near a boy and his parents who brought their pet tarantula to catch some beads!

My spy said the boy had been sure to pack the tarantula in its enclosure, even though he let the spider crawl all over him. I guess he was worried his pet might get lonely while they were gone. I guess there really is a first time for everything, Boozie has never seen a tarantula at a parade and hopefully never will, I prefer pets with four legs!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Mardi Gras ball lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!