It’s getting hot in herrrre, so take off all your clothes. No, seriously. You are getting so hot, you need to take your clothes off — just do it in front of one of my spies, so they can report it to me. Actually, it has been a little slow. And I think it is the heat, but thanks to our Hollywood friends I do have some tidbits to report. So enjoy!

More Mario-mania
The Port City has become a second home for actor/director Mario Van Peebles as he has been in town preparing for and now filming “U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage” starring Nicolas Cage. And the Battlehouse’s rooftop pool has been a favorite spot for him.

Mario Van Peebles was spotted at various locales on Royal Street.

Mario Van Peebles was spotted at various locales on Royal Street.

Last weekend, he was spotted up there on Saturday and Sunday with a lovely lady. Sunday he jotted notes in a journal as he relaxed. All of the patrons at the pool have been very respectful (or unaware of who he is), and have left him alone for the most part, except for the occasional small talk. Well, I should restate, everyone has been respectful except for one little boy who looked to be about 5 or 6. As MVP and his lady friend cooled off in the water, a little boy with his goggles on and totally oblivious to their presence came by kicking as hard as he could, splashing both of them. Oops.

They were very kind and just smiled as the kid’s mother apologized.
We have also heard Mario dined at the Royal Scam on Friday and Monday nights, where he ordered the Chicken Bienville, which I’m sure you were dying to know. No word on his beverage of choice.

We hear they will be in Orange Beach this weekend filming some of the dramatic “shark scenes.” Let’s hope the real ones decide it’s their time to be on the big screen and interfere, thinking they are the next “Jaws.”

Next BayBears star?
Last Saturday night, the lovely Kelly Jones, anchor of WPMI’s morning show, threw out the first pitch at the BayBears game against the Jackson Generals. We hear she has a pretty impressive arm, making it over the plate and right into the glove of catcher Ronnie Freeman – a distance of over 60 feet. Perhaps Miz Jones could help out our own reporter Dale Liesch, who threw out the ceremonial pitch last month. Let’s just say it did not go nearly as well and brought up memories of Fifty Cent’s infamous toss.

What is wrong with people? Seriously?!?!
Though we have had our own embarrassment with this sort of behavior when a Wilmer man was accused of having “relations” with a miniature horse named Ebony Ice a few years ago, it is a Geneva, Alabama, man who is now embarrassing the state and perpetuating the stereotype that we are all barefoot and engage in bestiality.

The Dothan Eagle reported on Saturday that 39-year-old Jonathan Edward Medley was arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. His wife reported the offense.

According to the Eagle, Medley’s wife suspected he had been cheating on her, so she hid a recording device. The recording device revealed her husband had actually been molesting her male Shih Tzu, Buster.

“He was mad at his wife because she paid more attention to the dog than him so he had sex with the dog,” Geneva Police Cpt. Ricky Morgan said in the article.
Buster did sustain injuries from the attack and has been treated by a veterinarian but should be OK. At least physically.


Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Chicken Bienville lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!