The Mobile Area Water and Sewer Service’s (MAWSS) Board of Commissioners delayed a decision Monday on a permanent fix to a waterline running to Spanish Fort. Following the opening of bids, the board decided to allow the finance committee to review several multi-million-dollar options.

“They are asking for bids on several options,” according to MAWSS spokeswoman Barbara Shaw. “They will need time to review them and decide which option to recommend and how to finance it. It will then come back to the board for the award.”

A MAWSS water main along the causeway burst Jan. 1, resulting in a disruption of service for about 30 Spanish Fort Water System customers, including several restaurants. A temporary fix is currently in place.

The bids appear to mostly fall in line with estimates previously announced by MAWSS Assistant Director Douglas Cote. MAWSS accepted bids on four different options.

For the first series — the replacement of the 18-inch line at a series of crossings underneath the water — the board received bids from three companies for this work. The companies are Boan Contracting Co. of Fairhope, Construction Labor Services Inc. of Eight Mile and REV Construction of Tuscaloosa.

For work on just the middle-bay crossing, the bids from both Boan and Construction Labor Services came in at around $5.8 million each. The bid from REV for the same section came in at about $13.1 million.

The low bidder for the other work — which includes crossings at the Apalachee River, Blakeley River and Highway 90 — was Construction Labor Services at $4.3 million. The Boan bid for those same areas came in at $500,000 more. The REV bids came in at $10.2 million.

The totals for both options came in at about $10.1 million for Construction Labor Services, $10.6 million for Boan and $23.6 million for REV Construction. The MAWSS estimate for the combined project was $10.1 million.

Four companies also bid on work to widen the lines from the tunnel to the Interstate 10 on-ramp and then from there to the Tensaw River.

The lowest bid for that portion of the project came from Ballcon Inc. of Mobile, at $1.4 million. The second lowest bidder was Construction Labor Services, at $1.9 million. The next lowest bidder was W.R. Mitchell Contractor Inc. out of Eight Mile, at $1.8 million. The highest was Nordan Contracting out of Mobile, at $2.3 million.