Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) has agreed to postpone a rate increase for Spanish Fort Water until Friday, Dec. 1, to allow further discussion with the Baldwin utility. The decision was made at the Board’s Oct. 11 meeting.

MAWSS notified Spanish Fort in April that the wholesale water rate to the Baldwin County utility would increase by $2.19 per thousand gallons effective Oct. 1. MAWSS based the increase on an outside cost of service study that indicated the rate it was charging Spanish Fort — $1.56 per thousand gallons — was not covering the utility’s cost of providing water.

The new rate also included the cost of repairing the water line that only serves Spanish Fort customers. The cost of that repair is just over $3 million dollars.

A timeline of when the permanent repair of the water line will be completed is being worked out by the contractor. MAWSS, and all parties involved, want the repair completed as soon as possible. Spanish Fort customers are currently being served by a temporary water line.