According to a press release sent at 9:24 p.m., Mayor Sandy Stimpson today authorized an emergency demolition of a “drug den” following the execution of a major drug operation of the Mobile Police Department.

The Mobile Police Department today arrested 13 people for trafficking and possession of illegal drugs at 1078 State St. at 11 a.m.

Within hours, Mayor Stimpson signed an executive order authorizing site demolition, which commenced at 3:30 p.m. The press release continued, noting Stimpson’s “hands-on approach to tackling crime:”

“Once the successful raid was made, our team acted quickly to clear the debris because it was endangering citizens’ lives,” Stimpson said. “After walking through this very block with Chief Barber during Christmas, I made a promise to this neighborhood that I would come back to change it for the better. Today, we fulfilled that promise.”

“I applaud the police, public works and urban development departments for shutting down one of the largest drug rings in the city, removing dangerous debris and transforming a blighted neighborhood all in one day,” said Mayor Stimpson. “This didn’t just happen. Our teams worked tirelessly across departments to make today a reality.”

Mayor Stimpson and City of Mobile Code Official Laura Clarke signed an emergency order to destroy the den after Public Works assessed the property and assembled the demolition team. MPD’s investigation is still ongoing as they continue to search for others involved with the narcotics operation who were absent during the raid. The home has seen more than 650 drug transactions since December, according to the MPD.

The physical house itself must be addressed through the court system, but the city had the capability of removing the debris today to avoid structural collapse and health risks.