MOBILE — Mayor Sandy Stimpson sponsored a resolution to authorize a contract with Hepaco, LLC to remove litter in One Mile Creek, Three Mile Creek and Dog River.

The project will consist of litter removal on areas adjacent to the watershed, as well as a boat operation to remove trash in the waterways.

The Mobile City Council will vote on the contract during Tuesday’s Mobile City Council meeting. Pending Council approval, Stimpson will sign off on the contract in order to start the litter removal process immediately.

“We are combatting litter at every angle possible,” said Mayor Stimpson. “There will be boots on the ground and boats in the water to remove trash in our waterways. Litter cleanup remains a top priority for my administration, because a great city is a clean city.”

The contract will cost $32,805.60 and will end on June 1, 2016 unless otherwise extended. The funding will be divided among the three waterways. Approximately $11,481.96 will be dedicated to One Mile Creek, $ 8,201.40 for Three Mile Creek and $13,122.24 to Dog River.

This contract follows the arrival of the City of Mobile’s new litter trap last month. The trap is currently being installed on Eslava Creek and is expected to begin operation this month.