Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson can attribute at least a portion of his campaign’s success to a green Regions Bank bicycle, and he showed his gratitude Tuesday morning.

Stimpson was on hand at the kickoff of a bike rental program, which resulted from the partnership of the bank and the Downtown Mobile Alliance.

“When I got the call about this it brought a smile to my face,” he said, recalling the green bike that “showed up” at his campaign office. “That campaign bike stayed in my office.”

He joked with the small crowd of onlookers that he would use it during the campaign to pedal around the office in order to help prepare his blood pressure for debates and other campaign events.

Stimpson added the new bike rental program will address some complaints he heard on the campaign trial and he said he hopes it will grow in popularity.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson speaks at the kickoff for a new bike rental program downtown.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson speaks at the kickoff for a new bike rental program downtown.

The rental program will be run out of the Urban Emporium at 260 Dauphin St. and will consist of 10 bikes donated by Regions. Visitors can go in and rent a bike and helmet by the hour, or by the day, said Downtown Economic Development Director Fred Rendfrey.

“More and more people were telling us how much they loved our city and that they wanted to explore all of it,” he wrote in a prepared statement. “Getting around to all the attractions and nearby historic neighborhoods can be a bit of a challenge for pedestrians, but is a breeze on a bike.”

Rental rates start at $8 for an hour and increase to $14 for two hours, $20 for four hours, or half day and $30 for eight hours, or a full day.

Stimpson said he hopes that the idea will grow to where the city will be filled with bike rental kiosks.