The son of Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in a deal stemming from his May 2015 arrest for impersonating a peace officer.

Sands Stimpson pleaded guilty to impersonating a public servant, a misdemeanor, during a status hearing in his case today. As part of the deal, Stimpson will serve one year of probation, but could serve 90 days in jail if the terms of the probation aren’t followed, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said.

Additionally, Stimpson will pay a $500 fine and will have to surrender the badge he had made at a uniform supply shop and carried as a deputy warden for the Wildlife and Inland Fisheries Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Rich said he was offered the same plea bargain as every first offender facing similar charges and wasn’t given special treatment.

“The charge he pleaded to was one that we would’ve given to a jury if his case had gone to trial,” she said. “We looked at other cases with similar charges.”

The charge stems from May 2015 when Stimpson was pulled over for speeding by an Alabama State Trooper and, according to his attorney Arthur Madden, the officer noticed the badge in his wallet. According to early reports from the incident, the trooper called a Department of Conservation officer to the scene who denied Stimpson was an officer, resulting in the charge.