The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office stopped investigating claims a Creola police officer was fired upon by an unknown suspect, citing several discrepancies in the officer’s story.

According to MCSO, Sgt. Donald Clark Tuberville initially told investigators a suspect in an unidentified vehicle opened fire at some point during a traffic stop on Dead Lake Road, prompting him to return fire, but according to Sheriff Sam Cochran the evidence doesn’t fit this narrative.

“The evidence is overwhelming to determine that what he advised us did not occur,” Cochran said.

Cochran told reporters at a press conference Wednesday afternoon inconsistencies in Turberville’s story led investigators to offer a polygraph test, but Turberville refused. Cochran said they will turn over evidence to the Creola Police Department for an internal investigation. No criminal charges were filed, he said, because of a lack of evidence.

While Cochran said Turberville initially claimed a suspect with a white beard fired upon him, only one spent shell casing was found at the scene and it came from Turberville’s gun. Tuberville offered no further description of the alleged shooter.

Cochran said when a civilian witness and other officers arrived on scene, Turberville had not activated his blue lights. While Cochran said Turberville claimed to have bumped the light switch with his leg while falling to the ground, evidence suggests that would have been unlikely, he said.

Cochran told reporters Turberville could not describe the vehicle he stopped, except that it had no tag, or a partial paper tag. While Turberville told investigators the vehicle in question made a right turn at a nearby intersection, Cochran told reporters evidence suggests it would have been almost impossible for Turberville to see that.

There is evidence to suggest Turberville did call in a traffic stop, Cochran said, but about 90 seconds later he called in asking for assistance. At that point, a civilian witness was already on scene, Cochran said.

Cochran has offered the use of the MCSO’s polygraph equipment and its operator to Creola free of charge during its possible internal investigation of Turberville.