A man from Fairhope was shot by law enforcement officers near Mobile’s McGowin Park Tuesday evening after police say he tried to strike several undercover officers with a vehicle.

Michael Orlando McGregor, 53, was struck by at least one bullet fired by officers after evading several law enforcement agencies throughout the day. While the Mobile Police Department responded, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and Saraland Police Department were also involved.

Michael Orland McGregor, 53, was shot by a Mobile County sheriff’s deputy during a narcotics investigation on Nov. 6, 2018.

According to MCSO spokeswoman Lori Myles, McGregor fled the scene of a car wash on Cottage Hill Road earlier in the day in the middle of a narcotics investigation led by officers from Saraland.

MCSO deputies were called in as backup, though it’s still unclear why Saraland officers were conducting an investigation inside of Mobile’s police jurisdiction. 

During the investigation, Myles said [McGregor] fled the parking lot of the car wash in a white Chevrolet pickup and struck another vehicle while fleeing the parking lot.

Later this evening, MCSO undercover narcotics officers, and the MPD encountered McGregor in the McGowin Shopping Center near the intersection of Interstate 65 and Government Street.

“McGregor charged at the officer and deputies on the scene and a MCSO deputy fired at the suspect,” Myles said. “McGregor has been transported to a local hospital, and as far as we know, his injuries are non-life threatening.”

There have been no reports of any officers sustaining injuries during the incident.

Records do not indicate that McGregor had been booked into Mobile Metro Jail as of 9:02 p.m., Nov. 6, but they do show his lengthy criminal history in Mobile County. McGregor has been booked into Metro multiple times in the past has several prior charges that include multiple arrests for burglary, theft and other drug-related charges.