The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for a man who robbed a Grand Bay McDonalds last night at gunpoint.

According to Lori Myles, a public affairs officer with the MCSO, the unidentified man entered the McDonalds on Grand Bay Wilmer Road Nov. 11 at approximately 11:30 p.m.

“He came around the counter, put a gun to the manager’s head and demanded money from the safe,” Myles said. “He also took money from the cash registers and once he was done, he put the employees in the refrigerator.”

Myles said the amount of money taken was not disclosed, but a photo of the suspect was taken from security camera footage of the robbery.

This black male suspect was captured on camera during an armed robbery in Grand Bay, Nov. 11. MCSO

A black male suspect was captured

on camera during an armed robbery

in Grand Bay, Nov. 11.


The incident occurred only six days after two fast food restaurants in the city of Mobile were robbed — a Church’s Chicken on Moffett Road and the McDonalds near Bel Air Mall.

The Mobile Police Department are still looking for two suspects in those unrelated cases, and Myles said there’s no reason to believe those incidents are related to the robbery in Grand Bay.

“When that happens, we do go into our intelligence database and put that information in there,” Myles said. “That way we’ll see if there’s been any developments in their case.”

The MCSO has shared the photo of the Grand Bay suspect on its social media pages, and Lori said the agency is getting solid tips from the more than 6,000 people that have viewed the image.

Anyone with information about the robbery is encouraged to call the MCSO at 574-8633 or visit anonymously.