Band: Charlie Mars
Date: Wednesday, March 29, at 8 p.m.
Venue: The Listening Room, 78 St. Francis St.,
Tickets: $25 artist donation

Situated on a quiet section of St. Francis, The Listening Room caters to local music fans who want to experience music in an aurally pristine environment. However, The Listening Room’s loyal patrons are not the only ones enjoying this downtown venue’s ambiance. Singer-songwriters such as Charlie Mars have also enjoyed its intimacy. Last year, this Oxford, Mississippi, troubadour rolled into the Azalea City with tracks from his album “The Money,” the final installment in his “Texas Trilogy.”

Mars returns to Mobile next week to take his audience on a musical trip from the flatlands of Texas to the sandy streets of “Beach Town,” his followup to “Texas Trilogy.” The Listening Room will serve as the launching point for the tour promoting his latest effort. So far, Mars has used two singles to give the masses a preview of an album sold exclusively at live shows.

While most beach-centric tunes invoke summer vacation season, the album’s title track employs gentle instrumentation and vocal work to create a balladic portrait of beachside living during the cooler months. “Dream Kitchen” contrasts with its fun, upbeat attitude. Clever lyrics regale listeners with the complications that can stem from having a partner who is infatuated with Southern Living magazine kitchen designs.