Band: Levels, Reflect//Refine, Cradle to Grave, Heatseeker
Date: Tuesday, Aug. 14, with doors at 8:30 p.m.
Venue: The Blind Mule, 57 N. Claiborne St.,
Tickets: $5 (21+), $10 (18+) available at the door

Even though Mobile will be well into the workweek, The Attic at The Blind Mule will be hosting a shot that will take the audience to rock ‘n’ roll’s underground core.

Metalcore exists in a foreboding limbo between punk and death metal. Half of this lineup will bring an out-of-town onslaught of monstrous roars and epic breakdowns to The Attic featuring Arkansas’ Levels and South Carolina’s Reflect//Refine. In the style of such groups as Every Time I Die and Norma Jean, their respective sets should pull an army of raging hardcore dancers to the stage.

Hardcore punk will highlight the other half of this show. Pioneered by such bands as Bad Brains and Minor Threat, this punk style employs lightspeed riffs and vehement rhythms that grant witnesses no quarter. Cradle to Grave and Heatseeker will be bring Panhandle hardcore punk to the Azalea City. The crowd can expect a whirlwind of rock ‘n’ roll carnage.