SUBMITTED — On Jan. 15, Rescue 24, manned by paramedic firefighters Tony Rutland and Jerome Roberts, was dispatched to the 1800 block of South Belle Cour Drive for a patient complaining of chest pain. After an initial interview and assessment of the patient, including checking vitals and obtaining pertinent medical information, the patient refused further treatment and declined transport to a hospital for definitive care. The experienced medical team refused to allow the patient to decline necessary medical care, and after several minutes of persisting and debating, they successfully convinced the patient of the dire need for transport.

The patient was quickly packaged and loaded onto the ambulance, and transport to hospital was underway. Shortly after, however, the patient went into cardiac arrest while en route. Rescue 24 immediately pulled over to a safe location and requested for driver assistance from Engine 16, who was nearby. Paramedics Rutland and Roberts began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and administration of appropriate medications. Engine Company 16 arrived soon after and provided driver support to Mobile Infirmary Medical Center.

The patient regained spontaneous circulation during transport and was fully conscious and alert upon arrival at the Infirmary Emergency Department. Within hours, hospital staff informed Rescue 24 that their patient was “doing great” in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and “would be just fine,” thanks to their efforts.

Rutland (above right) and Roberts (left) continue to exemplify all the best characteristics of the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department, continuously personifying commitments to competence, compassion, and courage necessary to serve the citizens of Mobile. For life saving efforts which were directly responsible for the saving of a life through various actions or application of pre-hospital emergency medical care, Fire Chief Mark Sealy and MFRD are proud to present PF Rutland and PF Roberts with the Life Saving Award.