Well, it’s officially hotter than nine hells, as one of my favorite spies likes to say. But if heat and humidity stopped us from having fun, over half our year would be pretty lame. So obviously, we don’t let the rising mercury interfere with our shenanigans. In fact, I think it may make us crazier, which is good for a gossip gal like me.

So grab yourself a cold refreshing beverage, change into something breathable and head out to your front porch swing and relax as you read about the tastiest and yes, hottest happenings in town over the last week.

Rainiest city but who’s complaining

The site Bustle.com recently crowned us the “Most Waterproof City in America.” We beat out Seattle, New Orleans, Portland and Pensacola, for this soggy designation. Take that you drier suckers! While we are used to receiving such “honors” and acknowledgements for being the “rainiest city in the country,” the Boozester really liked this one because it also took into account how the locals handle so much of the wet stuff.
Apparently we do it well. And we should, as the site lists us as having rain 59 days of year for a total of 67 inches.

“Didn’t know that Mobile gets this much rain? Maybe it’s because they aren’t whining about it. Every year, Alabama’s third-most populous city gets pelted with more than five feet of rainfall. With an average of 59 rainy days per year, residents can count on close to two months of wet weather altogether,” it read. 

Our mommas didn’t raise no whiners! Boozie, however, cannot count herself in with the group of successful rainfall wranglers, as her current mud boots have a hole in them and she never has her umbrella with her. But she’s not complaining… or is she? Whaaaaa!

Joe Cain’s foot soldiers march on

On the evening of June 26, Indians, “mistresses” dressed in red, and a crew of drunken pirates and skeletons led by the Bay City Brass Band paraded in a second line down Dauphin Street from O’Daly’s to Moe’s BBQ, where the inaugural Joe Cain Footmarchers’ Ball took place.

Indians, “mistresses” and a crew of pirates and skeletons led by the Bay City Brass Band paraded down Dauphin Street for the inaugural Joe Cain Footmarchers’ Ball.

Indians, “mistresses” and a crew of pirates and skeletons led by the Bay City Brass Band paraded down Dauphin Street for the inaugural Joe Cain Footmarchers’ Ball.

The event was designed to raise money to cover a controversial new $20 per person charge footmarchers in the Joe Cain parade were forced to pay for the first time last Mardi Gras. The fee was to cover liability insurance on the marchers, but the groups, including the Wild Mauvillians, Dauphin Street Drunks and The Mistresses of Joe Cain, felt it took away from the very essence of what Joe Cain Day was supposed to be – the people’s parade, where anyone could walk up and parade.

People donned masks and costumes and danced to the sounds of the Kansas Bible Company and Alanna Royale, as the individual organizations welcomed their new members.

In addition to the marchers, Boozie saw cowboys, gypsies, owls, what was described as an “American French Maid” and a “priest” who said he felt his flock needed a little extra tending to that evening.

Only in Mobile will you see a group of folks parading down the street on a random Thursday night in the middle of the hot ass summer. This place is so deliciously insane. Old Chief Slacabamorinico must be smiling down so proudly!


Druids unite! One of the iconic tree limbs in Oakleigh’s Washington Square isn’t so iconic to at least one resident. (Yes, we have iconic tree limbs in Mobile). The low hanging and sprawling oak limb which stretches over the sidewalk in the Square prompted someone to call in to the city’s 311 system and ask for it to be removed. GASP! This request was of course denied. But it has all the OGD-ers speculating over who could be the tree hater living among them. Quite the arboreal scandal! (Yes, we have arboreal scandals in Mobile. You don’t mess with our trees!)

Well kids that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ limb lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!