Police in Atlanta captured a local man wanted for allegedly robbing three stores and shooting and carjacking a woman in midtown Mobile last week.

According to police, Lionel “Deon” Gray was apprehended by officers of the Atlanta Police Department on the evening of June 5, after he’d been sought by authorities more than 24 hours.

Lionel “Deon” Gray, 33, was arrested in Atlanta on June 5.

Gray was wanted in connection to robberies reported at Griffith Service Station and the Rite Aid on Government Street, as a well as a robbery in the Citronelle area and a shooting and carjacking reported by a woman near Selma Street.

So far, the victim’s name has not been released, though she is in stable condition.
Mobile Police Department spokeswoman Charlette Solis said Gray was being transported from Atlanta to Mobile on Tuesday afternoon.

He’s facing several charges stemming from his weekend crime spree including four counts of first-degree robbery, first-degree theft of property and attempted murder — a charge that was upgraded from an original assault charge.

According to Solis, the woman who was shot by Gray was struck in the left arm but “the bullet traveled through her chest and clipped her spine, severely bruising her [it].” However, contrary to some rumors, Solis said the woman is not paralyzed and remains in stable condition.

According to Mobile County Metro Jail records, Gray is homeless and has an extensive criminal history in Mobile County including multiple charges for drug offenses, probation violations, robbery, burglary and attempted rape.

Lionel “Deon” Gray, a 33-year-old convicted sex offender, is facing several charges related to a June 4 crime spree in Mobile County. (ALEA)

Gray, 33, is also a registered sex offender, according to a database maintained by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Court records indicate that after being charged with “attempted rape” on two separate occasions in 2002, Gray pleaded guilty in a first-degree rape involving a 15-year-old girl.

More recently, Gray was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia on May 26 but was released two days later.