I sure wouldn’t mind one of these in Alabama! Mississippi’s “Summer of Seafood” runs from June 21 through August 15 and celebrates all the critters from the Gulf of Mexico. I personally think SOS should be a national holiday where all foreigners, like Arkansans and Minnesotans and the like, make a pilgrimage to the Gulf of Mexico to find out how fresh shrimp and blue crab rule the seafood world.

This multi-month celebration will also be the launch for Mississippi’s Seafood Trail. Created by the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association, the seafood trail was a no-brainer. There were already music trails dedicated to the blues. Why not seafood? The MHRA established this trail to create awareness of restaurants that proudly serve Gulf seafood, and more emphatically Gulf shrimp.

With more than 40 restaurants participating, Mississippi’s 62 miles of coastline is peppered with some amazing offerings from Bay St. Louis to Pascagoula. I personally have a few favorites on the list and am eager to try the others.


Both Half Shell locations (Biloxi and Gulfport) are worth visiting anytime. Thank heavens we are getting one, too. Pay attention to the oysters, but do not neglect the shrimp as these guys do it right. Great for a Sunday wake-up.

Possibly my favorite restaurant on the coast is Mary Mahoney’s. Lunch or dinner, it’s usually amazing.

Rob and I have discussed the years when they were slipping. They are now bringing their “A” game. Petite soft shell crabs with three dipping sauces is the way to begin. Oyster soup is great, but oh, the gumbo. It is life-changing.

My biggest problem is deciding whether I should get stuffed snapper or flounder. You can cram crabmeat au gratin into any fish and I will enjoy it. Most entrees come with pasta covered in crawfish étouffée. Shame on you if you’ve never been. It’s closed on Sundays.

Making our way back to the Alabama line, Pascagoula was never a stopping point even for an old Mississippi boy like me. Not until I discovered Jack’s by the Tracks. I now have what some might call an addiction to this place.

Lots of people love their fish tacos, but I cannot get past the sushi. This place does it well. The Tigger, Black Pearl, and Awesome Crawsome are three of my favorite rolls.

Regular Geoff Painter has his own barstool complete with a seatbelt, so someone else likes it as much as me. Live music is the norm, and the folks are so friendly you’ll want to know every employee by name.

During this celebration attendees will want to take selfies at participating restaurants to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #seafoodselfie for a chance to win weekly contests and prizes. But beware, shy people and those who have something to hide. There are digital billboards along the coast that may flash your picture for all the casino bound travelers to see.

Send me your favorites from the list and I will be sure to stop by.

Let’s hope all those attending will head east on I-10 to sample a few of our great businesses. For a complete list of restaurants and more information on this grand idea visit www.mississippiseafoodtrail.com.

Krystal brings Stackers to Mobile

The Krystal chain has pretty much kept the “go with what got you there” approach to business, rarely introducing new products. If you are a fan then the new items are pretty much what you’ve always loved, just more of it. I can appreciate a place that doesn’t try to offer “something for everyone.”

The Krystal Crave Cruiser embarked on a 10-city tour beginning in Atlanta and working its way through Tennessee before reaching Huntsville, Birmingham and Mobile. All of this to promote their new item the Krystal Stacker.

At each stop 1,000 of the new burgers were given away (limit two per person) in traditional, cheese, bacon cheese or deluxe (featuring lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise). It’s the double cheeseburger of the Krystal world.

On Wednesday, June 18 at high noon, the cruiser (or is it Kruiser) rolled into the Walmart on the I-65 Service Road slinging the new burgers, t-shirts and coupons. Though I was not in attendance I am anxious to see what a Krystal with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise tastes like.

The next stops are Jacksonville and Orlando.

Beat that heat, boys and girls, and start getting those Fourth of July plans together. That watermelon ain’t going to spike itself. Recycle!