Labor Day has come and gone. Time to put up your white jeans and stop your white lying. Well, nevermind on the white lying. At least to Boozie. She thinks white lies are just good manners. “Yes, those white jeans looked awesome on you. Too bad you have to pack them away now.” Uh huh.

But anyway, there were plenty of exciting happenings over the holiday weekend, and the spies and I were selfless enough to labor for you to collect it. You are welcome. We call it a labor of love. Let’s get to it.

Seagrass was bad a*s

Although the crowd was a bit sparse, those who did attend the Seagrass Festival on Dauphin Island Saturday got several treats. 

Headliner Jason Isbell was “phenomenal” according to one spy. The alt-country singer-songwriter from Green Hill, Ala., wowed everyone with a performance worthy of Madison Square Garden. His “hottie” wife, Amanda Shires, played just before Jason, and he accompanied her on guitar and vocals. She returned the favor during his set, sawing on the fiddle. Her sexy stockings also added some eye candy to the show. 

Local favorites Lisa Mills and Ryan Balthrop got things going, followed by Marc Broussard, who looked like he’d been straining very hard to grow a gigantic Taliban beard. 

Being scheduled against the first day of college football probably made things tough for organizers, but they did a great job with the lineup and the food.

The show was even good enough to draw out the normally reclusive Sean Sullivan — of FMTALK 106.5 fame — who knows every word to every Isbell song and even bears a striking resemblance to the singer. 

Hopefully more people will make it out to next year’s festival, because if you didn’t this year, you missed a good one. 

Flash Mob a Smash Hit

There were about 170 or so riders for the Delta Bike Project’s Flash Mob on St. Louis Street, which they did to test the waters, or the streets, in this case, for the city of Mobile’s inclusion of bike lanes on St. Louis Street.

“The city of Mobile is trying an experiment with bike lanes on a newly re-paved section of St. Louis Street in downtown Mobile. While St. Louis Street might not be the most ideal place for cycling infrastructure, since downtown is generally pretty well suited for being on a bike, there are many opportunities for the city to improve access for people on bikes and pedestrians — and frankly, livability opportunities all around! We want to send a message to the city, as a community, that we are paying attention and that we want to join in experiments like this and make them successful! So, this Flash MOB will be a way to show our solidarity in terms of support for smart infrastructure, safe crossings, and a family friendly downtown,” they wrote on their website.

I love these people. I also had a few spies down there and one filed the following report:

“The bike lane markings were professional looking and an added extra style element was the positioning of long, skinny flower boxes positioned between the bike lane and the car lane! People of all stripes, colors, etc., were in attendance,” the spy said.

This spy was especially impressed by the hipness of The CoCo Bay Daphne VW bus selling coconut water. The vibe, down to ironing board “tables” to rest your drink on just oozed cool. And multiple spies said the water was quite “tasty.” Apparently La Pizzeria had some refreshing juice concoctions. And Frios Gourmet Pops, who just opened at the Windmill Market in Fairhope, made their Mobile debut with crowd-pleasing treats. Word on the street is the peach and orange were to die for.

Also spotted, local artist Devlin Wilson riding his unicycle. A man of many talents, I see.

My spy added, “The big question is — can the lanes stay? For the moment, the area is not a commercial hub, but as it develops, will the demand and use of the street for biking make it in the face of the need for on street parking? Expect a debate ahead as the Delta Bike Project and other biking organizations achieve more in just a few years than many groups have in decades.”

Kudos to these guys for making our city a better place one bike ride — or flash mob — at a time!

JTE enjoys the sweet stuff

This is a couple of weeks old, but some times the spies take forever to file their reports. Hey, I report it, as soon as they do. Get off my back.

It seems one lovely lady was celebrating her birthday at Callaghan’s by attending the Justin Townes Earle Show on Tuesday, Aug. 19. Her sweet husband presented her with a luscious lemon dobash cake from Pollman’s. The birthday girl and company invited Earle and his wife to have a piece, which they did. And then they had to have another because they said it was the best cake they had ever had. They even took a piece home with them to enjoy for breakfast the next morning. Dang! Boozie has had the chocolate many times, but I’m definitely going to have to try the lemon out now.

Well kids, that’s all I have this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ lemon dobash lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!