School is back in session! Insert eye rolls, because all my teacher friends have done nothing but complain that summer went by too fast and they need another week. Yes, they do have to deal with kids all day, and God bless them for that, but I sure would love a long vacation or, shoot, even just a week off.

I mean, I do hate that it is back-to-school time because these upcoming weeks are slow going for the gossip world. Summer is over, football hasn’t started and, well, we’re just left with the heat. But no worries, I have all the cool things that went down to tell you about!

When the sun goes down
Kenny Chesney is no stranger to The Wharf in Orange Beach — how could he be when all his songs are about the beach?! Anyways, he was back for more this past Saturday night and Boozie’s spy was there to enjoy the flip-flop wearing fun!

At first she was worried about the rain, but then remembered how Jimmy Buffett played through the rain and lightning a couple of years ago and ended up with perfect weather!

Midland opened; he’s best known for his new song “Drinkin’ Problem.” That song really speaks to me. Plus I saw an article on the internet that said beer might help with pain, so I too will call it a solution!

My spy said girls were ready for Kenny when it came to their attire. She spotted lots of cowboy boots, cut-off jean booty shorts and plaid button-up shirts, some even tied up. Yee-haw! She also said one girl was sporting a huge Jim Beam menu; talk about walking advertisement. She also reported lots of fun dancing and singing along!

She said at the end Kenny signed autographs for the people up near the stage! Sounds like more fun than Boozie had: While I was out Saturday night the power went out at the bar. They still were making drinks and people were yelling “free shots!” but that didn’t happen.

I wanna be perfect …
Mobile has been making waves in the TV world! First we have all the Food Network shows and now some others! We’re still waiting to hear when LoDa Bier Garten and Von’s Bistro will be featured on “Ginormous Food.” Just thinking about those two places makes me hungry! But our city has already been featured on some other shows.

As I’m sure many of you saw, “The First 48” that was filmed in Mobile aired last week on Thursday night. A lot of people were negative about the show and talked bad about Mobile being on the show. While Boozie is like many of you and likes to think we live in a perfect place that is beautiful and sunny all the time, I know that every city has crime. But I learned while watching the show that Mobile’s Homicide Team solves three out of four cases, which is above the national average, so that says something! Go, Mobile! (Remind me not to kill anyone.)

I also thought the show made MPD and the homicide team look good! They both went straight into action and solved the crime. Oh, and we can’t forget the show did give us props for being, “home of the oldest Mardi Gras in the U.S.” Take that New Orleans!

On a different note, one night while enjoying “Botched,” a show about plastic surgery gone bad, where two doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, go back and fix the mistakes, a lady named Maria who grew up in Mobile was on the show! It was never said whether she still lives here but she said she grew up here. They showed a few pictures of her when she was younger and you could just tell it was Mobile. Maria was seeing the two docs because of preventive mastectomy gone wrong.

Boozie doesn’t think the surgery was done in Mobile, but if it was, it probably wasn’t done by any Nappie finalist for Best Boob Doc, because like Maria said, it was “just a mess” when referring to her breast.

The two doctors fixed her up and even gave her 3D tattooed nipples!

The strangest rumor I heard this week was that someone claims to have seen Mobile Public Safety Director Jim Barber talking to ousted, Russian-loving former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Then again maybe Boozie’s source had too much vodka. That would be pretty strange.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Kenny lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!