Someone get us an agent! Mobile is dominating the national media (and this time, it’s for good reasons). See us on the small screen! Read about us in some of the biggest papers and magazines in the U.S. of A.! We are hotter than a firecracker and just in case you missed all of our good ink and airtime, I have gathered it all up for you right here!  So dig on in!

A bargain in the OB!

Our beaches have made it on HGTV’s “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” numerous times. I know I’ve caught at least four episodes, featuring beach shacks for a good price from Dauphin Island to Perdido Beach.

Last Sunday I saw a new one, though, as a sweet family looked for their own piece of paradise in Orange Beach. They toured condos familiar to all of us who have grown up on the Gulf Coast — Phoenix V, Seascape and Tradewinds. You could spot the iconic Sea-n-Suds in one shot. And then the family went bowfishing, which I had never seen before (and it looked a little weird) but whatever, our little piece of the Gulf Coast still looked gorgeous. Spoiler alert: They chose the Phoenix 5 condo, not to be confused with Phoenix 1 through 4 or 6 through 126. Sorry, Phoenix. BUT there are a lot of you!

We hope they will enjoy their new digs! Welcome to the Gulf Coast, random couple who chose the Phoenix and are excited about its rental potential!

Under the radar? Yes, we know! Shhhhhhh!

Speaking of love for our beaches, Southern Living magazine named Dauphin Island one of its “Most Under-the-Radar Beaches” recently. Yes, we know. We are trying to keep it that way, SL. We appreciate the love but shhhhhh!

Here is what they had to say:

“This barrier island boasts stunning beach and bay views, while offering plenty of outdoor activities, ranging from windsurfing to fishing, to punctuate the hours spent lazily lying on the beach. To make it here, choose either to drive over the bridge or ride the ferry, both of which cross over Mobile Bay. Make sure to pay a visit to the charming nearby town of Fairhope, Alabama, for the great local shops and restaurants. Check out the northern shore of the island to see Shell Mound Park, a beautifully preserved archaeological site with shell mounds dating back hundreds of years.”

Nice! And Fairhope got a shoutout too!

If you like us so much, why don’t you just marry us

The New York Times has been all about us the last week. On June 29, they published a photo essay entitled “Love in Pride in Alabama: Deep in the Bible Belt, L.G.B.T. communities are fighting for greater visibility and acceptance.”

They went all over the state and, of course, made a stop in the Port City. Their coverage of Mobile centered on churches that serve the LGBTQ community, like the Center for Spiritual Living and Cornerstone Metropolitan Community Church.

“In a lot of churches you hear from the pulpit that your lifestyle is a sin. One of the things we’re working on is changing the whole idea of church and what it means and to say things like: Bottom line is love,” said the Rev. Ruth Jensen Forbell of Cornerstone MCC.

It was a nice piece, but they must sit around in their editorial board room in Manhattan and say, “Oh my gosh. It just be absolutely horrible to be gay in a backward-ass place like Alabama. We should go study these strange creatures!”

Maybe not, but Mobile has had a wonderful, vibrant gay community for many years. I just hate it when they treat us like redneck aliens. Maybe I am just being defensive (yes, I know we have a complex as Alabamians), because the very next day (June 30 issue) they had a really lovely piece on our Delta that was just a beautiful love letter to our area.

The writer Margaret Renkl was given a tour of our delta by Jimbo Meador. Renkl was looking to find the “mythical flower” that inhabits the delta, the American lotus. And she did. Her descriptions of it and the entire delta were just stunning. It’s definitely worth reading the whole piece at

The first paragraph alone gave me chills:

“From the middle of its namesake delta, the city of Mobile, Ala., looks like a mythical place: shiny skyscrapers framed by cattails and marsh grass, a city that reaches into a sky so vast it holds all the weather there is — bright sun and cottony clouds and pregnant thunderheads and torrential rain — and all at one time. From the middle of that magnificent delta, Mobile could be Atlantis rising from the sea or the Emerald City of Oz,” it reads.

Magnificent? We’ll take it! Man, I sure love Mobile!

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ Delta lovin’, I will be there! Ciao!