It’s hot. It’s wet. It’s hot. It’s wet. That is the endless cycle we are stuck in right now. It’s good for the plants, but bad for the gossip. Apparently you folks don’t like to get too sticky. But that’s OK. I’ve mined up a few gems for you this week anyway. Enjoy!

Mobile national media darling once again

Last week, Mobile was featured on a couple of national news shows.

First off, on the “CBS Sunday Morning Show.” The Sunday news magazine was doing a segment on the Venardos Circus, which performed here during Mardi Gras back in February 2017. Though the piece was about the circus itself, we still got a shoutout and the Alabama Contemporary Art Center looked quite lovely. I believe I even spotted WKSJ’s Dan Brennan and his lovely wife attending the show.

The second Mobile television appearance came Sunday night on W. Kamau Bell’s “United Shades of America” on CNN. Though Bell did not spend all of his formative years here, his dad lived here (and still does), and he spent summers here and even did a brief stint at McGill-Toolen.

I am told the episode moved many a Mobilian to tears. It showcased Mardi Gras, and he had chats with folks in Bienville Square, including one with’s JB Boyd. Apparently Bell was a bit freaked out by the squirrels in Bienville Square, though. He also talked with a couple of the Prancing Elites and tried to learn some dance moves.

One of the more touching parts of the episode was when he visited his grandmother’s former home on Congress and Calhoun streets near downtown. The house had fallen into disrepair, bringing Bell to tears as he shared fond memories of time spent there with his cousin M.K. Jemisin, a successful fantasy writer.

Overall, the episode challenges some of the stereotypes people from other parts of the country have of Alabama and the South in general, which is always a good thing!

The full episode is available on Direct TV and Hulu.

Adult Swim

Last Thursday night at the Spring Hill Swim Club, parents kicked their kids out of the pool for the night, as they had an adults-only social. We are told there was lots of “mom and dad dancing” (which does not sound good) to music by The Red Clay Strays and Phil Proctor and Stan Foster, along with Donna Hall Foster (which I am sure sounded great).

Toward the end of the night, we are told one partygoer kept telling the drummer of The Red Clay Strays they needed to learn some reggae music, to which he politely responded, “Man, we’re a country band.”

Hey, I get it. A country version of “Three Little Birds” would be awesome. Though The Red Clay Strays’ originals are awesome too!

Although we hear several Uber drivers may have gotten some very confusing directions to homes all around town (it happens), a good time was had by all.

Run-away walker

Last week one of my spies was lunching at Zoe’s Kitchen in Pinebrook Shopping Center. She said as she was leaving a lady was trying to get around in the parking lot with her walker. Somehow, she lost control of said walker and it went flying down an incline “at a rapid pace” in the parking lot. My spy felt sorry for the woman and sprang into action, running down the incline in her heels and dress. The walker was rescued without incident or injury, and returned to grateful lady,  but my spy said that “walker was definitely more of a runner.” Har har har.

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Mobile lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!