OK, so I think we have all recovered from the Hangout Fest finally. But since the festival shenanigans took up all of our space last issue, I have a few leftovers to get to that I had to leave out last time, plus some fresh dish as well. You didn’t think I would just give you a bunch of nasty stale stuff, did you? Of course not! This ain’t the day old bread store. Now, I’m not even sure what that means. OK, let’s just get to it.

Happy Birthday Doc!

A local doctor’s birthday (who we shall refer to as Dr. C) was being celebrated by a bevy of beauties at The Kitchen on George recently. A magical sword was the centerpiece of the table (we really don’t know why it was there) and a prancing unicorn made an appearance. The champagne was flowing and so were the tales of who thinks they are her “favorite patient!”

One lovely lady/patient was lamenting the fact that Dr. C did not have “her” picture in her office so naturally that was remedied by her gift! Another great gift was a book of poetry wherein dinner was capped off with a reading by Dr. C about her friends.

The party then spilled over to Moe’s for some live music and then over to the Garage where the ladies went up against the “boys” in a friendly game of pool and the ladies won! Don’t mess with a Dr. C and her patients! One lady was knighted with the magical sword by the doctor. Dr. C sported a dapper bow tie – tied by hand. The costume de rigueur of the evening appeared to be white jeans.

Rock Mobile like a “Wagon Wheel”

Many of my spies were at the Old Crow Medicine Show at the Saenger last Thursday night and said it was one of the most packed performances they had seen since it has been under new management. Go Saenger! Perhaps this was also due in part to their hit song “Wagon Wheel” being described as the new “Brown Eyed Girl” by most cover bands and open mic performers across the nation. But I’m told that the rest of their catalog was just as impressive.

Anyway, the band wanted to make it very clear they enjoyed being in South Alabama and Mobile, saying they had only ever played in “Gulf Shores, Florida.” Hey, close enough. Apparently it was said so many times it got a little comical and/or annoying, depending on which spy you talk to. Typical of my spies though — being “annoyed” that someone was just trying to be nice.

I had reports of a “troll doll look alike” dancing all night and that there was a “long-haired hippie dude” encouraging members of the audience to come up front and dance with him.

The overall crowd was described as “ a mix of aging frat boys and their sorority wives along with dirty hippies.” (That one was from the spy I like to refer to as “Wicked Tongue.”)

Meanwhile our dancing guy up front got so excited he took off his sweat-drenched shirt and threw it on stage (sort of like girls who used to throw their panties on Elvis’ stage – more on Elvis later). Unfortunately, the sweaty tee hit the front man’s microphone and stuck. He didn’t miss a beat though. He just peeled it off and threw it on the floor and kept on singin’. Yum!

Help Wanted

In these tough economic times, the job market for recent graduates is not always certain. Luckily one “firm” recently announced they were hiring. The local gentleman’s club Diamonds had a little graduation fun with their marquee on Airport Boulevard, saying they were now interviewing 2013 grads.


Searching for all young Kings
Do you fancy yourself a young Elvis? Well, you may have an opportunity to be a movie star in a new FOX feature film, “Last Train to Memphis.” They have set up a website for all aspiring Elvises, (or would that be Elvi?) and think our own Gulf Coast area is a good place to look.


You must be at least 18 but you will be playing pre-sequin-jumpsuit Elvis from 16-24 years old. You will have to send in a monologue, a video headshot and a song. The website says we are beyond the deadline, but the agents assure us the search will continue until they find their king. For all the deets, www.lasttraincasting.com

Well kids, that’s all I have right now. Just remember whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ “Wagon Wheel” lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!