Oh the weather outside is … frightful, delightful … wait, is it spring? What’s going on here? Y’all, it snowed last Friday and now it’s in the 60s during the day. Can’t say I’m that surprised, but I am surprised at how quickly Christmas is approaching. I haven’t been spending enough time spreading holiday beer, I mean cheer! Luckily this week there is plenty of beer, cheer and gossip for all!

Baby it’s cold outside
So this past Friday… What a whirlwind of a day it was! It started out with all my B-Ham friends talking about how they didn’t have to go to work and it was starting to flurry outside. Meanwhile our day started off wet and cold with maybe a chance of a “wintry mix” late that night. My day was spent on social media seeing people just an hour north and farther playing in the snow, day drinking and enjoying a snow day. That’s about as bad as it gets when you are stuck at the office.

Anyways, as Mobile inched closer to our chance of “wintry mix,” one of the spies already had reported that a liquor store in TiCo was already closed due to the weather! Umm, don’t they know snow and hurricanes are when people do their most shopping?! Nobody wants to be stuck inside with no liquor! Hello!

Luckily my bar was stocked so I didn’t have to stop before I got ready for my first Christmas party of the season. It was my first time going to this party and maybe my last. It was pretty uneventful, and when the snow started to fall people bolted. It was 9 o’clock and the party had pretty much ended. I asked if anyone was heading downtown and was informed they were all heading home to their kids. Oh yeah — not everyone is kidless and ready to party! Countdown to Lagniappe’s party — where the party don’t stop — is on!

Once I got home my roommate and I went to play in the snow. I mean, no one is too old to play. Plus, it may never actually snow here again like that so gotta get in my snow time while I can! Come Saturday, I had mixed feelings: Loved seeing it still around but didn’t care for when I turned on my windshield wipers while the door was open. That amateur move made for a snow-filled floorboard.

Again this year, Mobile went for the Guinness World Record for most elves gathered in one place, but didn’t quite make it. The record to beat was 1,762 set by a group from Bangkok. Rumors of Elfapalooza being canceled, then relocated to the Convention Center due to the weather, had some elves scratching their heads.

Despite Artwalk having good attendance and downtown restaurants being packed, Elfapalooza was about 1,000 elves short of the record. Boozie knows it was the weather keeping the elves at home. Us Southern elves just don’t know how to handle the winter weather. I can report that the elves that did make it to the ‘palooza had a great time doing elf things, like crafts and Christmas karaoke!

Yard signs
While there are plenty of Doug Jones and Roy Moore signs scattered throughout yards in Mobile, with some even being stolen (looking at the lady who was caught on camera stealing Doug Jones signs), there is one yard sign in midtown that is causing a chuckle. It has nothing to do with being naughty or nice, just polite. The sign is very homemade and reads “DO NOT LET YOUR DOG POOP in our YARD. Our kids play in the yard.” If I were a dog owner, it might make me want to let my dog poop there but since it’s the kids they are worried about, I guess I’d obey the sign. Just remember, kids, don’t eat the yellow snow, or in y’all’s case the brown snow!

Extra, extra! National media in Mobtown
Since the election made Alabama the center of the universe, it’s not surprising that we’ve had plenty of national media in town. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard were spotted on the streets of LoDa and in Fairhope.

Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” fame had a live broadcast of his daily MSNBC show, “MTP Daily” from Wintzell’s LoDa location. My spies in attendance said he didn’t spend much time with patrons after the broadcast but a couple of folks managed to get photos with him. And he did give the gumbo a couple of shout-outs, so I’m sure Wintzell’s appreciated that. Later, he hit Mobile Baykeeper’s Bay Bash and interviewed folks for “Meet the Press” on Sunday, including Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway, who represented us well.

On Election Day, “Fox and Friends” set up shop at Spot of Tea. No word on how much strawberry tea was consumed.

It was nice being the center of attention for a bit, but thankfully it is finally over, a sentiment I think we can all agree on.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ elf lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!