Ah, the 4th of July! That time of year when Mobile, mainly Government Street, becomes a nightmare. Not sure if you noticed, but traffic heading east started really picking up Thursday, by Friday it was at a standstill and on Saturday it was just as bad.

Boozie managed to get going early enough Saturday to beat the main traffic, and then from the boat got to watch the Bayway pile up with cars. We’d have it made if we could travel more places by boat. Just think, you could feel the wind in your hair and booze cruise everywhere! But until that happens, I’m going to keep booze cruising and providing y’all with gossip!
Distinguished Young Women
Boozie remembers growing up and always watching America’s Junior Miss, now Distinguished Young Women. I remember thinking how I wanted to be like them, not all scholarly but able to down a bunch of oysters in five minutes!

This past week or so Mobile has been flooded with the DYW representatives from each state. They have had a packed schedule leading up to the competition. The young ladies do everything from community activities to a rib-eating contest and even some shopping!

Their week started off with a workout class led by local coaches.They had a meet-and-greet event at the Shoppes at Bel Air followed by dinner at Grimaldi’s. The next day was filled with shoe shopping at everyone’s favorite, Shoe Station, rehearsals and community activities. Leading up to Boozie’s favorite event, the oyster-eating contest, the ladies visited Dauphin Island.

Every year Wintzell’s hosts the ladies for an oyster-eating contest. For some it is their first time trying an oyster; for others this is the day they’ve really been preparing for! They are given five minutes to down as many oysters as possible. In those five minutes, Olivia Pelton of Georgia put away almost five dozen oysters! Boozie doesn’t think she could eat 57 oysters in an hour, much less five minutes! Way to go, Olivia!

After downing a bunch of oysters, the ladies got to splash around on the Gulf Coast Duck Boat Tours. The rest of the week was filled with more events, including a rib-eating contest at Saucy Q Bar B Que. Ana Teresa Atiles of Oklahoma was able to finish the most ribs in the allotted time.

The week rounded out with the real reason they were here in Mobile, the Distinguished Young Women finals.The District of Columbia’s Skye Bork was named Distinguished Young Woman of 2017, and I would say she is very distinguished. She took home scholarships, came in fourth for the interview award, second in self expression, second in talent for ballet and fourth in fitness. This girl is going places! Congrats to all the ladies. Boozie knows Mobile was happy to have you!

Seeing pink
You remember after Tropical Storm Cindy two pink flamingos were spotted near the pass in Orange Beach? Well, the two have been spotted again! This time they’ve decided to check out the Florida coast. The pair was spotted on the beach in Rosemary, then decided to head a little more inland where they were spotted on Choctawhatchee Bay in Santa Rosa.

These two flamingos are very well traveled, considering they aren’t native to the area. I sure wish they would stick around, maybe fly a little more toward Mobile and find their way into our bay. Up near the causeway would make the perfect home for them! They would have great food and could join the pigs that have recently been spotted on the causeway! Yep, pigs have always been on the causeway but recently a mama and her piglets have been spotted hanging around Trader’s. Boozie isn’t really sure how they got there, but I’m going to take a guess and say they swam down from the Delta.  
Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ oyster lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!