To the editor:

I just finish reading your article about your visit to New York (Hidden Agenda 9/4/14). I must say I am pretty much an outdoor person (when humidity slows down), and I was happy and a little jealous about what New York has to offer to its citizens.

I have visited the state a few years ago, but with limited time my husband and I did what every tourist does. Meaning the Statue of Liberty. Rockefeller Center etc, etcetera.

I think your idea about getting something done at the Mobile Cruise Terminal would be great.

There is so much land and beauty in here and it’s so sad that there are no corporations or any type of investors willing to risk their money in this city.

I am from Miami, and have lived in different areas of the country.

I wish we had something like San Jose amusement park in San Francisco or the variety and fabulous parks in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

I am soon to move back to Florida and when I come to visit I hope some of your ideas have become realities!

Good luck!

Norah Huaroto