Whew, what a weekend! I know it’s crazy to even say this but I was ready for the week after my busy weekend. I mean LODA Artwalk on Friday night, a baby shower and a wedding shower on Saturday, then going out will take it out of you!
Let’s be honest, the only fun part of a baby shower and wedding shower is the alcohol. And you know you are getting old when people start actually planning for babies. Meanwhile, I am staying out all night, cheers!

Arms wide open
Y’all, I can’t get over all the positive things I have heard here recently about Mobile! Obviously many people’s visits to the Port City last weekend weren’t planned, but I think those that took shelter from Irma in Mobile were glad they did. Like we do all the time, we welcomed guests with open arms.

Boozie is happy to report Artwalk had a higher turnout than usual! Not to mention, downtown restaurants were packed with folks making the best of their rather unfortunate circumstances. Some places had such long waits that Boozie and crew decided to try our luck at Callaghan’s, which was crowded with people pre-gaming high school football games.

Speaking of football, South Alabama gave evacuees tickets to Friday night’s game so that they had a free event to attend. South wasn’t the only one, The Fairhope Store offered free one-hour bike rentals, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo provided free admission and many restaurants offered discounts. One family even took their toys to Cathedral Square to share with other children.

I bet many of these folks may return now under more pleasant conditions! I’ve said it all along, Mobile is like a mini New Orleans, but better! It gives Boozie all the feels knowing that Mobile (and surrounding areas) have shown so much love!

Battle of the Cannon
One of the biggest high school rivals in Mobile was back this past weekend, “The Battle of Cannon” as it’s now called. On Friday night, McGill-Toolen Catholic and Murphy High schools met for their 86th annual game. As you know, the winner of the game paints the cannon at the Loop their team’s colors.

For a few years in a row the cannon has seen a coat of orange paint and it remained that way again this year after McGill beat Murphy 21-14. Luckily this year there wasn’t any pepper spray drama. Congrats Yellow Jackets and better luck next year, Panthers!

Meteorologists making waves
While Mobile already knew we had something great, it was time the rest of the country knew it. News 5 WKRG Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls was featured on Reddit’s front page as “Best weatherman ever, very articulate and educational.” People went crazy over it, they said he reminded them “of a really good professor” (which he is), “amazing” and “impressive,” just to name a few comments. But Mobile already knew all this, Alan has been named Best Meteorologist in the Nappies several times!

Alan hasn’t been the only Mobile meteorologist making headlines. Last week, I told y’all about the video that appeared to show a LOCAL 15 meteorologist passing gas on air and how he is now an internet celebrity. Well, this fame continued to grow when “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” picked this up. Jimmy showed the clip and made a joke that “it feels like a warm breeze is blowing in from the south.”

While most have gotten a good laugh at his expense about what may or may not have been a toot, Boozie heard the meteorologist is ashamed about his unpredicted forecast. I would be too, but I think one self-deprecating joke on-air would make you the most beloved weatherman of all time. Just own it and make light of it. We all toot!

Time of your life
Last Wednesday night, Green Day performed at The Wharf. My spy in attendance said it was a wild Wednesday night for her. She typically doesn’t stay out all night on a work night but said it was all worth it! The concert was relatively packed given it was a weekday in the fall, and apparently it was an awesome concert! In fact, she said it was one of the best concerts she’d been to.

My spy said her seats weren’t in the “ pit,” for which she was glad because Billie sprayed the crowd with water from a pressure washer. Talk about a long ride back to Mobile in wet clothes! However, her favorite part was when it poured confetti as they played “Time of Your Life”. She said she had never seen so much confetti, but it truly was the time of her life. And I get it, because confetti is fun!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ weatherman lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!