Enough is enough! I swear it has never rained this much in my life. I can’t even make plans to be outside because the second I do, it rains. Not to mention all this rain can’t be good for your health — we Mobilians are used to being the rainiest city in the country, but it is starting to feel like we live in a tropical rain forest. Luckily we got a little break Monday, but it was Monday so it still sucked.

On the bright side, wink wink (you see what I did there), I haven’t had to water the plants in weeks, which means the mint for my evening cocktails is growing like crazy. So we better use it up. You grab the rum. I’ll bring the mint and, of course, all of this week’s crazy gossip. Enjoy!

Alright, so last week my column had already been submitted when this news broke, so I wasn’t able to tell y’all about Mobile’s new big sports name. Last Monday night, a recent McGill-Toolen grad, Bubba Thompson, was selected into the MLB Draft!

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about baseball but this is a big freaking deal for a few reasons. Where do I start? First off, it’s not every day someone from high school is drafted straight from high school into the pros. It’s also not every day an 18-year-old is drafted in the first round. So can you say bad*ss?!

I am sure you are thinking, this kid’s name sounds familiar. That’s probably because you’ve heard it before regardless of whether you follow high school sports or not. Bubba led the McGill-Toolen Jackets to the final round of the play-offs in football when he was quarterback. Then of course he dominated in baseball.

I don’t follow sports but I’d heard of Bubba because, well, I don’t live under a rock … and because he had mentioned he was going to Auburn, then changed to Alabama, then said nah to both schools when he was invited to the draft, for which I don’t blame him. Yeah, sure, he will be missing out on the some of the greatest years of his life, but Boozie is willing to bet the $2.1 million signing bonus helps dry any tears.

So now that Mobile has yet another MLB player, it’s time for us to ditch the Atlanta Braves and become Texas Rangers fans! We have to rally behind him, like the family members he never knew he had until last Monday. But we don’t ask for money, instead we support and cheer him on! Bubba’s family and friends did that last Monday at a viewing party at Heroes on Hillcrest.

Watch out, Hank Aaron — if Bubba keeps up the good work, The Hank might become the Aaron-Thompson Stadium or, even better, the Hank and Bubba Studium. “Hank and Bubba” sounds more like a morning radio show but it does have a nice ring to it. Boozie wishes Bubba the best of luck — and roll, Rangers, roll!

Mobile > NYC
Hello, New York! Our dear friend Mobile was spotted in good ol’ New York City! I am sure you are wondering how one city can be spotted inside another, and the answer is rather simple: Mobile visited New York to show it how great the Port City is! Still confused? I will explain.

Alabama — Mobile in particular — is looking to boost our tourism, and what better way than visiting the most populous city in the U.S.

To show New Yorkers what life in Mob-Town is like and to let them know who really started Mardi Gras, the Alabama Tourism Department let the good times roll in the Big Apple.

Here’s how it went down: A float appeared in Times Square along with revelers, a band and plenty of throws, including moonpies. The float was extra detailed and happy to inform everyone we have the original Mardi Gras!

Boozie’s favorite story from the event is that even one of NYC’s boys in blue couldn’t resist dancing along to brass bands’ familiar tunes! He wasn’t as good as the Mobile officer that broke it down during one of our Mardi Gras parades last year, but he gets an A for effort! The police officer wasn’t the only one dancing, either … the band had a few little kids dancing around collecting throws and getting to experience Mobile’s culture right there in the middle of Times Square!

I’d say the tourism group captured life in Mobile pretty well with the moonpies, cups and beads, the band and even the scratch-and-sniff cards. (Don’t worry, guys, it wasn’t Mardi Gras scent, it was pine trees.) The only thing they could have done differently would to have been handing out gumbo and Gulf seafood. Gosh, we really are born to celebrate!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Mardi Gras lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!