Well, well, well — fall is in the air. If we continue to have these beautiful, cooler days I might have to quit my job and find one that pays me to spend my days outside with a glass of wine in my hand. If you know of any jobs available like that, send them my way! Be sure to tell the employer I can continue into the winter as long as there is a fire to sit by and the sun is out. Oh, and let me know if they’re OK with me bringing my dog, I wouldn’t want to be drinking alone!

No worries, Lagniappe readers, I haven’t found my dream job quite yet so I still have gossip for you this week! But by next week, might be a different story … Anyway, grab that glass of wine and indulge! Cheers!

Bras for a Cause
What is better than seeing a guy you know wearing a bra while raising money for a local woman fighting breast cancer? Not much, and that is why Bras for a Cause has become such a hit. Every year bras are decorated and auctioned off but it is the “bra models” who really make the event.

Let’s just say Boozie’s spy said some of models were really rocking the bra with their rocking bods. Nappie winner and finalist for Best Personal Trainer Josh Foster was one of those my spy named; she said his theme was Indian and he even had a headdress, but luckily his bra didn’t cover his abs. Seems my spy might have been looking at more than the bras … RRRROOOOOWWWWWW!

Last week’s episode of “The Voice” featured a familiar face, as Mobile native Johnny Hayes of Johnny and the Loveseats auditioned for a spot on the show. Johnny chose the song “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton. Unfortunately he didn’t cause any chairs to turn, but he had plenty of people back home wishing they did. All the judges had nothing but good things to say but they just had a spot or two left and were holding out. Boozie thinks that if he had gone on earlier in the show he would have had at least one chair turn, because he was good!

You may  recognize Johnny and the Loveseats’ name but these days they are mainly playing gigs in Nashville, only making their way back to Mobile every now and then. As of right now they have nothing lined up for Mobile so if you’re up in Nashville be sure to check them out! And hopefully they will come back here for a show soon too!

New, ummm, restaurant
Nothing is more exciting than a new restaurant opening. A new place in Foley has a unique name that will make your mother blush. Last week the Wacked Out Weiner opened for business. Yep, that is the name and they want you to come get your wiener whacked. I must admit, the food looks great, it’s just the name that gets me. But hey, it has everyone talking! Good marketing.

Caleb and Callies
While on the subject of good bands and restaurants. I’ve got to bring up Callaghan’s being in the spotlight. Caleb Caudle featured Callaghan’s in his tour documentary. All I’ve got to say is, if you haven’t seen it you better hop on Facebook right now and find it on Callaghan’s page.

Obviously, the video makes Mobile look so cool (which it is, but not everyone is aware), and it confirms everything you’ve ever known about Callaghan’s. Great food, great music, familiar faces and friendly staff. After watching the video, I couldn’t get to Callaghan’s fast enough for a burger and a beer because, well, Mobile and Callaghan’s is home!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ whacked weiner lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!