I love the fall. Cooler temps, football, mums, homecoming courts, pumpkin-pie-spiced everything and people complaining about everything being pumpkin-pie-spiced everything. It’s just glorious.

And it has been an equally glorious week for gossip gathering, and I have prepared a tasty, pumpkin-pie-spiced edition of Boozie B just for all you gossip lovin’ fiends.

Don’t worry next week’s edition will be Peppermint Mocha!

Food Truck races through Port City


The “Great Food Truck Race” episode that was filmed in Mobile last spring aired Sunday, Sept. 21 on the Food Network. The show hosted by Tyler Florence really showcased our fair burg quite well.

The three remaining teams The Middle Feast, (Israeli food), Lone Star Chuckwagon (Tex Mex) and Let There Be Bacon (self-explanatory) used Gulf shrimp as the main ingredient in this challenge.

They all commented on how beautiful and tasty the shrimp were, but all complained about just how long it took to peel and devein them. Yep. Welcome to our world, truckers. Welcome to our world. Perhaps that is why they named the episode “Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy.”

And that extra shrimp prep time presented some problems for the teams, as Mobilians showed up in record numbers. Most of the trucks ran out of some or all of their food because the lines were so long. The trucks are judged on their overall sales and at the end of the show, Florence said more money was spent here than anywhere else. To put it in perspective, he said the first stop in Venice, Cal., where all eight teams competed, they raised around $6,000. In Mobile, with only three trucks remaining, they rang up almost $25,000. Wowzers.

Even though Let There Be Bacon won the seafood challenge, which our own celebrity chef “Panini Pete” helped judge, they did not make the final two. The Middle Feast and Lone Star Chuckwagon will be competing in the finale next week, as their trucks brought in the most money.

There were plenty of familiar faces and places to be seen throughout the program. Hayley’s, LoDa Bier garten, Heroes and Cabo all had plenty of screen time. I even saw one of our Lagniappe purple boxes — who let me tell you, has become a total diva now.

Downtown Mobile Alliance’s Carol Hunter assisted Florence as a “secret shopper” named “Florence” and the Battleship and the Bragg Mitchell made beautiful backdrops for the elimination challenges.

Overall, a huge win for Mobile, as our shrimp looked tasty and our city looked even tastier.

Jersey Belle says farewell

The finale of the first season of the Bravo show “Jersey Belle” aired on Monday, Sept. 22. The show centered around publicist to the stars and New Jersey native Jaime Primak Sullivan, who settled down in the oh-so-posh Mountain Brook, Ala., after marrying one of their most eligible bachelors some years ago. The couple had three children together and Sullivan made friends with a group of Southern belles, including a St. Paul’s alumna and Mobile native, Scarlett Simmons, who in the finale, drove the ladies to Gip’s place, a “juke joint” in Bessemer, where they drank moonshine and partied to the sounds of the Sassy Brown Band. Scarlett showed she knew how to whistle like a true Lower Alabama belle and also regaled the girls with the story of killing her first deer.

It was actually a really good show and didn’t seem nearly as contrived as other reality shows, like the “Housewive” franchises. Some of my fellow trash-TV aficionados remarked they had had very similar conversations/experiences with their own girlfriends as the ones these ladies were having with each other on the show.

No word yet on if it will be picked up for a second season, but if it is, Scarlett, you must drive them down for Mardi Gras next year.

And the wiener is…

Recently our own Order of Osiris hosted their annual “Stars Fell” Pageant at B-Bob’s in downtown Mobile and they once again did not fail to disappoint the huge crowd that showed up to support.

Judges Lee, Ginger and Autumn, along with Their Royal Highnesses King Mel and King Howard watched as members of this over-the-top group tried their best to be the winner of the coveted title. 

My spies say that the house almost came down when two performers came out and performed the Justin Timberlake “Saturday Night Live” spoof about a certain piece of the male anatomy being in a box. Hysterical times! The big wiener, umm, winner however was actually a scantily-clad cowboy who shimmied around the dance floor like he had ball bearings for hips! Congratulations Big Boy!! 

Stork Report

Congratulations to Lagniappe’s former news editor and beer columnist Pete Teske and his wife, Meg, who welcomed their first child to the world last week, a son, Bennett. Our best wishes to mom, dad and baby Bennett! Word is he’s nursing on IPAs and lagers.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ pumpkin spice lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!