Regarding Jeff Poor’s column in the Dec. 20 issue, (“The shameless antics of Richard Shelby”), I refer specifically to Rep. Bradley Byrne’s comments in which he states: “I think I signed a pledge to vote for Republican candidates. If I feel I can’t vote for Republican candidates, I shouldn’t be a Republican anymore.”

Poor goes on to suggest that Sen. Shelby should consider this position as well. Does anyone else find that attitude troubling? That is what is wrong with the Republican Party and politics in general today: Party before state and country.

I was under the impression that although congressional representatives are elected to serve their constituents, they are supposed to make decisions in the best interest of the United States: America first, not party first. They take an oath to uphold the Constitution, not the Republican Party.

I would think that morality would play some role in their decision making as well (remember your Christian beliefs? WWJD? Any of that sound familiar?), but obviously I am wrong. Even our Republican governor stated that while she believed those women and their accusations against Moore she would be voting for him anyway.

Where do Republicans draw the line in the sand? When do they say enough is enough and this is too much? Based upon Rep. Byrne’s comment, Hitler resurrected and running on the Republican ticket would get his support. Mr. Poor, Sen. Shelby acted on his own principles and beliefs. He did what he thought morally best for Alabama and the U.S., not the Republican Party. You should respect him for that. I do.

David Carroll