A recent Lagniappe article focused on projects needed and already underway at several public parks. Within the past few years, there have been major renovations of and upgrades to existing facilities at parks across the city. These projects are possible through the valuable funds provided by the City Council extending the penny sales tax. When we did that, in order to ensure we would be finally able to address long overdue infrastructure issues and repairs and upgrades at our parks and community centers, we developed the Capital Improvement Plan, which a portion of those proceeds would go toward.

I joined many of my colleagues in devoting a significant part of the CIP funds allocated for the District toward renovations and upgrades of our parks. At Figures Park, we installed lighting and repaired the scoreboard for youth who play on the fields and extended the walking trail and added benches and trash cans. At Mill Street Park, we added a pavilion, grills, seating, trash cans and other items adjacent to the playground area for shade during the hot summer months and for families to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Trinity Gardens Park has undergone a complete makeover — from two rusty swing sets with broken seats and dangerous pipes sticking out of the ground to a brand new playground where youth can play, with benches for caregivers and more benches and trash cans along the walking trail there. These are all in addition to the work done at Herndon (Sage) Park, which was mentioned in the paper’s piece.

This is all in the first year alone of these projects. And there is much more to come. We are going to continue to invest in good parks and recreation centers because they are the heart of strong communities and Mobile deserves strong communities.

District 1 Councilman Fred Richardson