In hopes to keep two felons off the streets, Mobile Police Chief James Barber wrote letters to the State of Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, according to a July 3 press release.

Barber, serving as a representative of the citizens of Mobile, urged the Board to deny early parole to two felons who have both committed violent felonies in the city.

According to the press release, Lawrence Dwayne Roscoe was convicted of murder and first-degree robbery in October 2000 and sentenced to spend life in prison.

Roscoe was arrested by the MPD on eight other felonies, with three of them being violent robberies, between 1996 and his most recent arrest in 2000.

The press release named Frank Moore Howard as the second man eligible for early parole. In November 2012, Howard was found guilty of two counts of first-degree robbery and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The MPD arrested Howard 16 times, with five of those arrests being violent felonies, before his final arrest landed him in prison. In addition, Howard was named as a key suspect in 27 other cases.

“Our community is a better place because [Roscoe and Howard reside] in your facility,” Barber stated in the letters.

Howard is eligible for parole on July 8 and Roscoe is eligible on July 22.

Homicide at Chaumont Apartments

On Friday, July 4, 2014, Mobile Fire-Rescue Department and Mobile Police Department responded to a report of a fire at Chaumont Apartments located at 805 Navco Road.

Upon extinguishing the fire, a female victim was found to be suffering from being stabbed. The victim was then taken to a local hospital where she later died as result of her injuries.

The investigation revealed the suspect, who was known to the victim, stabbed her and set the apartment on fire, said police spokesperson Officer Terrence Perkins in a press release.

MPD will continue to the investigation and asks if you have any information, please call (251) 208-7211.

MPD dismisses allegation of sexual abuse at Mobile Infirmary

A woman reported she was sexually assaulted on Thursday, July 26, 2014, at approximately 6:30 p.m., while under the effects of anesthesia at Mobile Infirmary, according to the Mobile Police Department.

The victim told police an unknown male entered her room and forced unwanted sexual contact.

In a July 7 press release, police spokesperson Officer Terrence Perkins said MPD investigated the allegation to great links and no evidence was found to support the incident actually took place

Officer of the Month

MPD announced Officer Bryan Johnson as officer of the month in honor of his outstanding performance during the month of June.

Officer Johnson has served as a police officer in the MPD since 2011 and currently serves in the Third Precinct.

According to a July 8 press release, Officer Johnson aided in arrests on June 9, 2014, which solved a series of robberies that included multiple restaurants and gas stations.

Officer Johnson served 68 calls, made 16 felony and 13 misdemeanor arrests in June.