The Mobile Police Department closed another business for selling spice Wednesday afternoon, after it was granted a temporary restraining order to do so earlier in the day. 

The MPD arrested Desha Matthews and Fredrick Howard on May 23 at D&D One Stop Shop on Halls Road, but had to wait for Circuit Court Judge Charles Graddick to issue the restraining order before a padlock could be placed on the store.

Matthews, who is the store owner, and Howard were both charged at the time with trafficking marijuana. Howard was also charged with three counts of distribution and possession of a firearm.

Capt. Jack Dove, MPD commander of special operations community services, said narcotics officers made several buys from the store before the arrests were made. After the arrests were made the building owner evicted the store owner, Dove said.

The next step for MPD is a hearing in front of the City Council on Tuesday, June 17 on the revocation of the business license. Before that, the building owner is slated for a hearing in front of Graddick on Thursday, June 12.

“We have to do this through a court order,” Dove said. “We’re just trying to make the streets safer.”

Chief James Barber has previously expressed interest in the city providing the department the means to immediately close a business, which is actively involved in drug trafficking.

The MPD, last week, had a home on Partridge Street boarded up after the resident was arrested on drug charges.