A Mobile Police officer was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend Friday, Aug. 8, but no charges were filed.

Nor were any arrests made in the incident involving officer Jason Gifford, because officers on the scene were given two different versions of what happened and there weren’t any serious injuries, Chief James Barber said Tuesday morning. He said the only injury was a minor one to the victim’s lip, which may have been caused in a struggle over a telephone.

Barber said assault investigators and internal affairs investigators were called out to the scene. Both an internal investigation and a criminal investigation are ongoing, he said.

If police can’t determine probable cause during a domestic dispute claim, Barber said an arrest isn’t made on scene.

The incident was reported as domestic violence in the third degree (harassment) and took place at 701 S. University Blvd. at 1:40 p.m., according to the police report. The victim was described as a 44-year-old white female.