The Mobile Police Department announced today they are opening a criminal investigation into allegations against former Sgt. Michael Smith.

A female victim came forward alleging he misused his position in the department in exchange for sexual favors, MPD spokeswoman Ashley Rains said.

Former Sgt. Michael Smith

Former Sgt. Michael Smith

On Sept. 12, MPD Chief James Barber announced that Smith, a 15-year veteran of MPD, was terminated effective immediately after a Trial Board made a unanimous decision to find him guilty of five major violations.

According to officials, former Sgt. Smith, who was most currently assigned as supervisor in Precinct Four, was charged with conduct unbecoming, misuse of position, failure to obey a direct order, biased profiling and disobedience of orders.

“Sergeant Michael Smith was charged with a leadership position in this Department, in which he betrayed the public’s trust and confidence,” Barber said in a Sept. 12 news release. “He has violated and tarnished the badge of his office.”

On Sept. 15, Rains announced Smith was dismissed for allegedly using local and state databases for non-law enforcement use “to obtain the personal information of black females.”

Rains said MPD is working closely with District Attorney Ashley Rich concerning these accusations.