A cyclist discovered lying in the middle of Springhill Avenue Thanksgiving night most likely fell and was not struck by a vehicle, according the Mobile Police Department. A reporter passing by the scene at approximately 9 p.m. Nov. 28 noticed an unresponsive man with a bloody face lying in the road but still straddling his bike.

Although the call was dispatched as a bike versus vehicle, the cyclist regained consciousness minutes later and told responding officers he could not recall whether he fell or was struck by a car. Police spokeswoman Ashley Rains said the department did not assign a case number because the victim’s injuries were not severe and he appeared intoxicated. He walked to an ambulance and received treatment.

The incident occurred within 100 feet of where cyclist Joey O’Brien was shot and killed Oct. 23. On Oct. 29, another cyclist, Terry Lee Crawford, was found dead after an apparent stabbing further down Springhill Avenue in Lyons Park. On Nov. 6, a third cyclist, 50-year-old Willie James Hunter, was struck and killed by a vehicle near the intersection of Springhill Avenue and Ann Street and in May, cyclist E.L. Mack was struck and killed by a drunk driver on Springhill Avenue near St. Francis Street.