Often a crowd favorite and always a visible patrol, the Mobile Police Mounted Unit has assisted with crowd control, response and crime prevention at Mardi Gras since 1991.

This year, the unit has added another horse who will debut at the 2016 Mardi Gras parades, and they’re asking the public to help select a name for the new, male horse.

This is the newest addition to the Mobile Police Department's Mounted Patrol, but he still needs a name.

This is the newest addition to the Mobile Police Department’s Mounted Patrol, but he still needs a name.

Names can be submitted Jan. 4-15 by posting on the Friends of the Mounted Facebook page, or in person at the Central Events Precinct at 320 Dauphin Street.

The person who gives the most creative name will be recognized and invited to an official naming ceremony on Jan. 22 at the Mounted Barn, where the horse’s nameplate will be nailed onto its stall.

In the meantime, the new horse is finishing up its training and conditioning for the expected Mardi Gras crowds in downtown Mobile.

According to Lt. Billie Rowland, the horse will be seen in the Mounted Unit working at Mobile’s first 2016 Mardi Gras parade, the Conde Cavaliers parade and throughout the carnival season.

Friends of the Mounted unit is a community-based group of volunteers who can help with maintaining the barn facilities and care of the horses through volunteer work and fundraising efforts.

Membership is currently open, and those who join can also become active members in the Mobile Mounted Police Auxiliary and attend the Mardi Gras Mounted Training School to learn various mounted tactics, how to arrest from horseback and crowd control techniques.

For membership inquiries, call the Mounted Unit at 251-208-2726.