, a website featuring the mug shots of people booked at Mobile Metro Jail, recently created a controversial stir with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office when the website posted an individual’s mug shot labeled with an incorrect criminal charge.

On June 25, 2014, Lamar Ronell Brown’s image was posted on the Arrested in Mobile Facebook page, stating he was charged with one count of practicing optometry without a license. However, according to records from Mobile County Metro Jail, Brown was actually charged with second degree possession of marijuana.

“The information about the wrong arrest info that started all of this, it came directly from the MCSO that way,” said the current owner and operator of, who asked he remain anonymous. “Even the other website,, had the same info as we did and they had a direct link into the MCSO. Yes, then we were using a different type of copy and pasting method but it mainly copied what was on their [MCSO] web page.”

Arrested in Mobile’s owner said they previously used software that automatically pulled information straight from the MSCO website for them, but now, he and the other administrators do all the copying and pasting manually.

“The word ‘hacked’ was used and we have never hacked into anything,” he said. “Our method is based on a copy and paste method. The other website, they had a direct link into the MCSO somehow.”

While is updated every four hours, he said has a live feed and was still receiving a live feed of mug shots even after the MCSO took down their website for two days.

“Someone needs to find out who owns that website and see if they are affiliated with someone in the MCSO,” he said.

While once honored mug shot removal requests for a fee, the owner said they no longer do removals, and once a mug shot is posted, it remains on their website to stay unless an individual’s arrest does not lead to a conviction. In that case, their mug shot will always be removed from the website’s Facebook page at no cost.

The owner stated there is no real profit being made from their website, but there is overhead for running the site and Facebook page.

“People don’t work for free,” he said.

The current owner said he bought the website in April 2014 from its original owner who controlled the website for about a year prior.

Due to all of the publicity from their website, an administrator recently left her position in order to pursue a better job offer, he said.

“We are still running,” he said. “We are not doing anything wrong so there’s no reason to shut us down. We inform the public of public information. We reach the public on a larger scale on our Facebook page and our website. We not only inform the public of just arrest, we also inform them of the things that the MCSO is doing like looking for a certain individual or like their Meth Text & Thug Text program. We also informed all our followers to follow the Team Sheriff Facebook page. No one wants to talk about the positive things we do, [they] just try to shine a negative light on us.”