With one person already found guilty of murdering Prichard barber Sam Richardson on Nov. 22, 2011, the last defendant was in court for the second day.
Andrew Amison, who was 17 years old at the time of the fatal shooting, was in court on Jan. 15 and now his fate is in the hands of the jury, who started deliberating and will continue on Jan. 16.  
Amison is accused of murdering Richardson. Broderick Sylvester Brown has already been found guilty of two counts of felony murder.
Richardson, 60, was found dead in his barbershop at Garrison and Main streets on Nov. 22, 2011. Richardson had been shot twice — once in the back of the head and once through the bottom lip, according to forensic expert testimony.
The bulk of the day dealt with testimony from forensic experts and family members, who told of Richardson’s last hours alive.
Shirley Richardson, the victim’s wife of 36 years, recalled in detail the last moments with her husband.
“The last time I saw (Sam) was that morning. He left for the shop and had a portable TV and his barber tools, which he always took home with him,” she said. “I spoke to him at 1:45 p.m. that day when he called to remind me to iron a shirt for him before I went to work.”
When Shirley went to work as a nurse assistant at Eight Mile Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, she wasn’t there very long before she knew something had happened.
“My daughter came up to my work and that was very unusual. I knew something was wrong,” she said.
The victim’s wife also testified the defendant should have not had any reason to go to the barbershop since it is not near any other business or home.
“I don’t know (Amison) and they didn’t have permission to go in the shop to take anything,” she said. “There is no reason to even go to that area unless you were going to the barbershop.”
The only possessions missing from the scene were Sam Richardson’s cell phone, wallet and keys to his car. Those items have never been found.
Shirley testified her husband never kept a lot of cash on him or at the store.
“He was always careful not to carry around a lot of money,” she said. “I found out later on that he only had $3 on him when he was shot. The reason he had $3 was because on Tuesday’s he loved to go to Hart’s chicken and get their 99-cent special. He would get him two pieces. All he had was $3.”
When Dr. Stacy Turner, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Regional Chief Medical Examiner, took the stand to discuss the autopsy findings, the family became very emotional when the photos of the victim were shown.
She explained the wounds to the head and how they caused his death.
One photo showed all the victim had in his possession was 77-cents, a gold watch and his glasses.
When attorney Glenn Davidson called the defense’s only witness to the stand, the questioning was very brief.
Lt. Walter Knight, who is actually a witness for the state, was questioned, Davidson only asked if there were any search warrants ever executed for Brown. Knight then explained he spoke to Brown on Dec. 6, 2012, at Vigor High School. Amison became a suspect because his stepfather, Anthony Martin, told police he had confessed to killing Sam Richardson. Both events happened the same day.
The jury also listened to a call between Brown and his cousin Joshua Scott in which Brown told the cousin to “get rid of all that.” Prosecution said “all that” meant evidence dealing with the murder.
The jury began deliberating mid-afternoon on Jan. 15 and will pick up again on Jan. 16.