From visual to auditory, art encompasses a variety of mediums. Sometimes they tend to entwine on a subconscious level. Music may inspire visual art and vice versa. Mobile Museum of Art’s “Muse Music” builds upon this theory with a concert series featuring “homegrown” musical talent within the colorful confines of the museum. For this installment, Amphibian Lark will create a sonic abstract with their sound.

Amphibian Lark

The Fairhope duo features the combined talents of Lydia Winn LeVert and Simeon Coxe. LeVert, who has already established herself as a well-known visual artist, acts as the group’s bassist, songwriter and vocalist.

Coxe could be considered the foundation of the legendary psychedelic group Silver Apples (see Artifice on Page 26). In the late 1960s, this band pioneered the practice of combining electronic elements with rock-n-roll. Silver Apples created a beautiful chaos with their unique sound and still tours today. Many of the Silver Apples’ techniques are echoed throughout the modern electronic jam movement.

Amphibian Lark is sure to provide a truly eclectic experience for those in attendance. LeVert lays out wave after wave of soft haunting vocals upon Coxe’s bed of hypnotic sounds and beats. The audience will also have a chance to pick up a copy of their debut EP, “Egg.”

Muse Music featuring Amphibian Lark
Date: Thursday, July 17 at 7 p.m.
Venue: Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive,
Tickets: $10 at the door